Confession Time….

So I felt the need to confess something. It has been brought to my attention how organized and neat my stampin space is. Well…’s just not true, lol! It’s usually a disorganized mess. I am afraid my photos were a bit misleading. If you’ll notice, some of them have cream walls instead of green. That means they were taken over a year ago. Probably the last time my stamp room was clean, in fact. So I just wanted to get that off my chest. No, I am not that neat of a stamper! In fact, right now, you can’t even see the tables cause they are covered with junk. Ok, I feel better now.

Also, I wanted to show off my closet. This used to be a regular closet that had just one rack towards the top for hangers. Matthew put shelves in over Labor Day this year, you know…..cause he needed to do some labor. So now I’ve got my mailing center shelf, my finished projects shelf, my alterables shelf, and then some ‘other stuff’ shelves. I love it and it really has helped me get more organized. LOL! Seriously, it has helped the mess in here. Those of you that have been in my stamp room are laughing your butts off right now….but it is better. Honest.

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