Ikea Mirror!

Ok – I am really excited to share this because it just turned out so darned nice! Usually I see stuff I’d like done differently after I finish a project. But this one turned out better than I anticipated! And I made it at 1am before I went to Missouri to see my sister graduate – guess I work better late at night and under pressure! Oh wait – don’t all crafters work better under pressure??? I know I do!

Anyway – here’s what I made. I found this mirror at Ikea last summer and bought a few of them. And then they sat there in my “crap to alter” closet. (You know you have one too!) I was trying to think of something I could make my sister that she could take to college with her. But nothing too dorky. I spotted one of these mirrors in my closet and went to work.

(I took two pics – one with a flash and one without. It was a hard color of paper to get a good shot of…especially in the wee hours of morning!)



I think they were about $3. I want to say it measures somewhere around 9×9? I have no idea. But it took quite a bit of a 12×12 piece of paper to cover it. They are natural wood, so I started by painting the front and back with white acrylic paint. Just to make it look a bit more finished.

Then I laid the mirror front side down on the back of the paper I wanted to use.  I traced around the edges and cut it out.  Then I placed the paper on and used my fingers to mush around the mirror part so I’d know about where to cut the opening for that out.  I cut it and trimmed it down until it was a tad undercut all around.  I put the paper on with mod podge and then sanded the edges with a sanding block.

One of the harder parts was spraying the acrylic sealant without getting it on the mirror part – total pain!!  I put one coat of sealant on before I did the rub-ons.  I used various BasicGrey rubons to decorate the one corner of the frame.  I’m really happy with how they look on there!  I think the butterflies really coordinated well with the paper I used.  I then did another coat of acrylic sealant and when it was dry – I cleaned up the mirror part a bit.


supplies: Ikea mirror; RSVP pen; microbeads; purely pomegranate cardstock; Fancy Pants patterned paper; mod podge; white acrylic paint; O’so sticky paper; chipboard letter to trace B onto cardstock; dimensionals; glitter; post-it pad; ribbons.

I also made a matching beaded pen and post-it holder to match.  I figured she could use those at school – and I found this ‘B’ post-it pad at Target on clearance.

Tutorials here:

Beaded Pens

Post-it Holders (I adjusted the dimensions for this pad, but the idea is the same)

Mod Podge and Sealed Frames, etc 


And here you can see the cute monogram post-its I found!


Ok – so that’s what I made!  I think she liked it – she decided to display it on one the tables of her things she had out during her graduation party.  I took that to mean she wanted to show it off because she liked it!  Let me know if you have any questions!   And tomorrow I’ve got another digi freebie for y’all!

21 comments to Ikea Mirror!

  • Melissa

    GREAT…..now I’ve gotta go to IKEA and find a mirror like that! lol It would look good in my apartment!

    This is sooooo…pretty!! I love it!!

    Melissa G.

  • Pam

    FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! This totally rocks Emily!

  • OH this is so beautiful girl you making me want to go to Ikea and get of those mirror frames last time I went I had actually seen circle ones.. hmmmm 🙂

  • Gorgeous!!! I can see why your sister likes those so much :)! And…what other time does a mom have to create besides the wee hours of the morning??? LOL!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    Love love love this Emily! Can I be your sister for a day? Pretty please???


    barb hendrickson

  • NanaBeth

    I do not have a stuff to alter closet-just a stuff to alter 80gal storage bin.
    I have a mirror like this and I’ve been thinking I want to print a picture on a transparency and put that on the mirror. I love your tutorials!

  • Susan

    Emily, I love what you did with that mirror! I’d probably choose a picture frame because I can’t imagine working around the mirror with the sealents, etc. I’m nervous about that kind of thing! I KNEW that paper was Fancy Pants because I *just* ordered some online last night! I love that paper!!

    What a wonderful gift for your sister – and I love those monogrammed post-its too. My grown kids got those in their stockings for Christmas and they loved them!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS

  • As always, your creations ROCK! TFS!

  • I LOVE it !! This Ikea mirros are fantastick…I colored some too for my doughters friends.

  • Very cute! I have some of these mirrors in my crafty cupboard. Now you have me thinking of what I can do with them. Thanks! They’ve been in there for over a year, just waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them.

    Your mirror and the other projects turned out wonderful!

  • Jackie G

    GORGEOUS!!!!! I have several of these mirrors in my “crap to alter” area and this would be a great inspiration starter. You rock the alterables!!

  • so cute, I love it. I still need to look more closely at you beaded pen posts, to figure out how to make them. You are so talented.

  • Marisa

    Great job on the mirror!! I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated and it is a wonderful reminder of family at home while you are away. Nicely done!

  • One word – Gorgeous!

  • Great job on these mirrors Emily! love the DP and rub ons – it all worked out beautifully and what fun letter post its! great gift idea!

  • Haha Emily! I’m not quite as organized as you. I have “crap to alter everywhere”. Problem with that is I know I have it, but I can’t ever find it when I want it!
    The mirror turned out very cute! I’m thinking you are right by assuming she liked it because she displayed it. What a sweet sister you are!

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  • You truly are a craft-y girl! What a cool mirror. Did you sister love it?

  • Very cool. did you cover the mirror with painters tape in order to spray the sealant?

  • Kim

    Wow!! This is beautiful! A design right up my alley; swirls, butterflies, flowers…It’s perfect! 🙂

  • What a great idea! You got a Shout Out today over at http://www.CardOfTheWeek.com. You can check out the post at http://www.cardoftheweek.com/2008/06/card-of-the-w-1.html

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kerri Boucher

    asouutely love the combo i am think of doing one as a wedding gift just a few questions. instead of using rub ons could i stamp on the images? if so when i went to seal it would the ink bleed. again beautiful work.


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