A little late, but here it is! Since I brought this up earlier this week, I figured it would be a good topic for today’s post. And now for the disclaimer….

**These are not products that I was asked to endorse in any way. While they might be things that are carried by companies I do design work for – they are just things that I love and want to share the benefits of with all of you. So please rest assured that I am absolutely honestly in love with these products. I do not rave about anything I do not use every day myself, ok?**

Prismacolor Premier Art Marker: Cold Stone PM194 (or another shade/brand)

*not the colors shown – they are just for visual purposes!!*

I use this marker for drawing that outline around my images – the idea is that it gives the image a bit of dimension or it *grounds* the image. I like Cold Stone for this because it is light enough that it isn’t extremely obvious that you’ve done this. I like the subtle look for it. Now you can you another brand (Copic, etc) but this is the one I got at Michael’s. Another light blue/gray shade would work fine too. This is just the shade I use. They run $2-5 for one marker – and you only need the one to do this kind of thing!

To make the outline, I use the fine point end and go VERY slowly around the image. You don’t want to go too dark, so going slowly allows you to make a nice even outline around your image. It *will* lighten a bit as it dries. So don’t freak out if it looks really dark when you do it. That’s it! I hope that was helpful!!

Where to get them:

I got mine at Michaels. I think Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s also carry a small selection of them individually. I’m not sure where you can get them individually online – none of the stores I looked at sold them that way.

**ETA – Kate let me know that you can get them {here} online for $1.99 individually!  Thanks for the link, Kate~***