The Niji Waterbrush.  I love it.  First the Disclaimer:

**These are not products that I was asked to endorse in any way. While they might be things that are carried by companies I do design work for – they are just things that I love and want to share the benefits of with all of you. So please rest assured that I am absolutely honestly in love with these products. I do not rave about anything I do not use every day myself, ok?**

Ok – so I know I have shared this before.  But seriously, it’s the best waterbrush out there.  And I used to really love the one SU sells.  But these are fabulous!  I only use the small one, but there are other sizes.  Anyway, they have great  “water release mechanisms” or whatever that would be called.  In other words, they are really fabulous.

I use mine with reinkers.  I purchased mine on ebay, but I have found them at several other stores.  Some local stores might carry them, but I have not seen them at any of the chains here (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn’s).

Where to get it:

Like I said, I got mine on ebay.  Here are two other stores I found them at:

Gina K Designs

 Ellen Hutson, LLC