Stuff I Like: Niji Waterbrush (small)

The Niji Waterbrush.  I love it.  First the Disclaimer:

**These are not products that I was asked to endorse in any way. While they might be things that are carried by companies I do design work for – they are just things that I love and want to share the benefits of with all of you. So please rest assured that I am absolutely honestly in love with these products. I do not rave about anything I do not use every day myself, ok?**

Ok – so I know I have shared this before.  But seriously, it’s the best waterbrush out there.  And I used to really love the one SU sells.  But these are fabulous!  I only use the small one, but there are other sizes.  Anyway, they have great  “water release mechanisms” or whatever that would be called.  In other words, they are really fabulous.

I use mine with reinkers.  I purchased mine on ebay, but I have found them at several other stores.  Some local stores might carry them, but I have not seen them at any of the chains here (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn’s).

Where to get it:

Like I said, I got mine on ebay.  Here are two other stores I found them at:

Gina K Designs

 Ellen Hutson, LLC

11 comments to Stuff I Like: Niji Waterbrush (small)

  • angie

    Love your blog, Emily! FYI… I’ve seen the Niji waterbrush (I don’t remember which size) at Michaels in the fine arts department, by the regular artists paint brushes. (NOT in the scrapbooking area.) I almost bought one the other day because of how you’ve raved about it in the past. I’ll use my coupon for it next time…

  • I have one…but I’m not really that great with the watercolors. I dunno, maybe I need more practice or something. I usually will use my Copic markers or my coloring pencils and OMS over watercoloring. I do think it is BEAUTIFUL but I can never seem to make mine work out right. LOL! I’m watercolor challenged.

  • I agree–the Niji brush is the best! Others leak and ruin things. Since I love to watercolor (see the watercolor post on my blog) mine is being used constantly for either watercolor crayons, wc pencil blending, twinkling H2O’s or even directly from ink pads. The one I use is a Medium, but I also have a Small on hand for detail.

  • Correction: Mine is a Small, and the Medium is on hand for backwashing.

  • What’s with the disclaimer?? I definitely trust your judgment!!

  • OH, ya know, I haven’t done any stamping or such in years. I have one of these pens… and I love it too. You might just inspire me to use it again! 🙂

  • I have this too in medium because that is only size the store had when I found them. My mom, my sister and myself actually got them at the same time, they only had 3 at the time. We actually found them at Michael’s near my mom and sisters house. We did find them on ebay too but I think they were a little cheaper at Michael’s.

  • I just bought one at the Arlington Great American Scrapbook Convention and totally agree. I just started watercoloring and was using the SU brushes but Niji is by far the best IMO.

  • You know I love these! I found bunches of different sizes at Asel Art Supply in Arlington. 🙂

  • I have seen them at AC Moore. Too bad I had already bought mine online due to your prompting (or enabling 😉 )

  • Sandy Kay

    Thanks for the tip – I went to AC Moore today and found them. I bought the medium with my 40% discount! I have SU’s, but I am excited to try this one!

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