My second attempt…

Ok here’s my second attempt at the Copic Markers. And my first tip that I learned…..all on my own too! I’m sure it’s totally something the rest of you Copic users know already, but it sure helped me!

Here’s my colored image and the markers I used (and yes, I LOVE strawberries!):



supplies: palette noir ink, PTI white cardstock; Copic Ciao markers in C-1, RV29, RV23, G21, and YG67.

I am really happy with my first real attempt at blending with them. And I love that C-1 for outlining the image. A bit more subtle than the Prismacolor Cloud marker I was using.

Now for my blending tip. Here’s a pic and then I’ll explain.


Ok, going left to right I will name these Berry 1, Berry 2 and Berry 3.  (Sorry I forgot to label them when I edited). 

Berry 2 is unblended – that is how I colored it when I started.  When I was first trying to blend, I had read/heard that you use the lighter shade to blend the “line” between the two shades.

For some reason I thought this meant you used the lighter marker and tried to blend from dark to light….like dragging the darker shade into the lighter shade to blend them.

Not true!

You should blend light into dark….use your lighter color to “drag” color into the darker shade.  (this was a lightbulb moment for me!)

Berry 1 is how I was trying to do it at first….by coloring with the light color trying to blend the darker shade into the lighter one.  See how it’s not really blended that well?

Berry 3 is using the light color to blend the light part of the berry into the dark….like dragging the light color into the darker one.

Total difference, huh?  And maybe y’all are smarter than me….but I totally had it backwards and was really thinking I couldn’t figure these markers out.  But man did that change my opinion!  I feel like I got a lot better color graduation blending that way.  So I hope this helps someone else out there!

15 comments to My second attempt…

  • Wow- your step by step descriptions are a huge help. I kept thinking that I could live without Copic since you didn’t use them and your cards are so beautiful. Then last week I broke down and bought a couple at HL when they were on sale just to give them a try. Then I get home and read your post about finally buying some! I am anxious to get some more to try soon. Thanks for your helpful hints!

  • Lori A.

    Great job! I hope some day I’ll be able to afford Copics. 🙂

  • I love the vibrance of those strawberries. You might just be selling me on those copics.

  • Thanks for the light into dark tip. I NEEDed that tip!

  • bunny

    Wow! That’s lovely!! I’ll be sure to try that when I get me some Copics!

  • Wow, you did such a great job on these berries! I think they look wonderful. I’m going to have to color some more with my copics. I love them but don’t feel like I’ve gotten to that “level” yet that looks really professional. Thanks for that tip about the dragging of the light into the dark! That’s a great tip.

  • Great coloring, Emily!

  • Selma

    Gosh, I was doing it the same way you were. Now I am anxious to go try it the “right” way. I love reading all your tips and seeing all your beautiful cards.

  • Emily thanks for the mini lesson. I have the same set you do so it’s EXTRA helpful. I’ll admit I was trying to blend the wrong way too so this helps. I was eventually getting the result I wanted but it took a while. I’ll try this later. THANKS!!

  • Oh my word, Emily, awesome shading/blending on those strawberries!! Wow! …and thanks for showing your step-by-step process. I’ll try the light-to-dark thing too!

  • Emily, This is a great explanation! Way to go! (I haven’t been home all week due to swimming but I will catch up with you soon.)

  • Oh I didn’t know about that blending either! I always try to blend darker into lighter. No wonder it doesn’t work! lol. I’m going to try it your way. thanks!!

  • Kim

    Can’t wait to try this technique. Still new at using my Copics.

  • Ellen

    Thanks for the tip. I was doing it backwards and kept wondering why I couldn’t get it right. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • […] pretty strawberries in it.  This is the image I shared as my 2nd attempt with the Copic markers {here}.  I finally made it all the way in to a […]

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