Yuck!, Olypmics stuff, and a card

Ok – I guess I’ll do them in that order! So you know how we went to the waterpark all day Wednesday? Well, surprisingly I did pretty well staying lathered up with sunscreen and I am still as glow-in-the-dark white as I was before. Except for one place. The part in my hair! Do NOT forget to put sunscreen there!!! Mine was just kind of tender at first. Now I think I had a blister (or blisters) and it stings, itches, etc. YUCK! So remember to put sunscreen on your scalp!

On to Olympic stuff. I LOVE the Olympics! I mean really really love the Olympics! I watch them 24/7, I watch all the human interest stories, I get emotionally invested in all the athletes. I love it. All of it! The boys and I made Olympic Ring cookies for the last Winter Games. We have plans to do it again for these – I’ll share a pic of our creations! Anyway – as the Games near, I am getting more and more excited! My sister, Kimberly, has a countdown of sorts on her blog. You can find it {here} – there’s some good information about the games, China’s preparation, etc.

I have to say that having been to China recently, I share many of her concerns about how the rest of the world will react to China. I even find myself a bit defensive about all the commentary on the news and such regarding their country. The China I experienced was so warm and friendly. I can’t believe how many would bend over backward to make you more comfortable or create a more favorable view of China for guests. I truly hope that all the visitors for the Olympics are able to see past any differences to their own countries and see how hospitable the Chinese people are. They truly feel honored to host the Olympics this year and take a lot of pride in their country and want people to see how far they have come. I encourage you to watch the video Kimberly posted that interviews Tianjin locals on the Olympics and what it means to them to host this year. Their desire to be hospitable and prepare for the visitors is really beautiful.

Kimberly’s Video Link

And now for a card. This is a simple Fabriano note card we made at my watercolor class this week. I absolutely adore this May Arts ribbon (perfect match to purely pomegranate and kiwi kiss!) and I used the last of it up at this class – I’ve got to find a way to get a whole roll!


supplies: Penny Black image; Fabriano notecord; May Arts taffeta ribbon; niji waterbrush; purely pomegranate and kiwi kiss reinkers; palette noir ink; A Muse sentiment.

Ok – off to itch my ridiculously sunburned scalp. Yuck.

6 comments to Yuck!, Olypmics stuff, and a card

  • Lori A.

    Very pretty card! I’m excited about the Olympics, too. We don’t get WAY into it but it is fun to watch. I’m afraid of waterparks right now because of all the Crypto recently!

  • Good Morning 🙂
    I just sunburned my part too, not to bad but it sure does irritate me when I forget one small ‘part’ when I put on my sunscreen! lol

    I just wish people would try and experience ANY country they choose to visit with an open mind. One should go with the thought to enjoy the differences, we went to Europe after 9-11 and found people to be wonderful. I would love to visit China like you did, with local who just happens to be American. 🙂

  • Beautiful card!! I’m sorry about your sunburned scalp… owie!

  • I feel your pain – I just burned the part in my hair at the waterpark too! I totally second the sunscreen on your head!! Almost a week later and my scalp is still red and itchy – yucko!

    Really pretty card – is that the 3.5×5 Fabriano note card?

  • I am with you! Except the worst part for me is when it starts peeling. That part stinks because it looks like you have dandruff.

    Here’s a helpful sunburn tip: Lavender Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade) works best for any burn. You can apply one drop to a small burned area several times a day, and it takes away the heat part of the burn. It can be added to a spray bottle for large area comfort. And it is anti-bacterial so it helps to keep the burned area clean, and it also helps to regenerate skin growth. (This is true for any burn, like when you’re cooking.) I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet at home. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you heal.

  • Marisa

    I’m with you on loving the Olympics!!! I competed in track and field for years (throwing events) and also dove, and am a jock so what better way to spend time than watching the Olympics 🙂

    I smiled when I read about the sunburned part 🙂 Been there done that!!! Aloe gel works great for burns, but yucky on the part, but if you put it on at night you can wash it away in the shower the next morning. Also, beware, where there was a burned part, there will be flakes of dead skin that looks like really bad dandruff. I actually put some hand cream on my part to keep it under control and even parted my hair a bit further over so it wouldn’t show as much.

    Lovely card – going to have to try that watercolour paper.

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