Another August trip to the ER…

Yep, my youngest had another trip to the ER to get super-glued back together today.  Remember {this page} from last August?  Well this time it was his head, not his chin.  Fun times!

Hopefully this will be a lesson to he and his brothers on why Mommy says not to climb on the roof of their clubhouse.  Although Adam so wonderfully told the Dr he might need to do this 2 more times before he learned his lesson – nice.  Little smarty pants!  So anyway – that is how we spent our evening!

I know head wounds bleed, but man!  I had to get him all cleaned up just to figure out where it was coming from!  Poor guy was crying so much he had it in his mouth, all over his face, everywhere!  And it was only maybe a 1/2 in cut!  His brothers were freaking out – they thought he was going to die.  They were hopping around the hallway crying and worrying.  Very sweet though!

So here’s a pic of him all glued back together.  And hopefully we will NOT repeat this tradition next August…..


I’m tired now…I’ll try to get the “Stuff I Like” post up later today….

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8 comments to Another August trip to the ER…

  • Oh no!! Okay, next August wrap him in bubble wrap 🙂 Poor guy. Hope he is okay today. My 5 year old did the same thing on the back of her head…bled like crazy and was about the same size as your sons. Glued her back together and she was good to go 🙂 Cyber hugs to your son!

  • Haha. I love that he said he’d have to try it 2 more times. That is hilarious.
    Heads do bleed like crazy. When I was five I had to get 6 stitches in about an inch long cut that bled terribly as well – as you can imagine I was acting like a fool!
    Hope he is feeling better!

  • Caren

    LOL! I was just saying the same thing about my DS! We had to make another July trip to the ER! Had to have stiches both times! He was being a typical boy while he was riding his bike (FREESTYLE as he calls it)! I told him it isn’t “FREE”style if I have to take him to the ER everytime! 🙂

  • Oh No!!! Poor little guy (and poor Mom too!!!)

  • Mary G

    Em I gotta tell ya, I remember those days! It was my daughter! It got to where we’d drive by the hospital and she’s point and say, “there’s my hospital!” She survived though — she’s 20 now! 🙂

  • Kristina

    i am so sorry to hear of your recent ER trip. They are never fun. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Speedy recovery.

  • Oh, poor little guy! You have to admit, the empathy his brothers showed was pretty cute; but I know how scary that is. Let mommy suggest ONE MORE TIME, we DO NOT climb to the roof of the playhouse. LOL

  • Melanie Muenchinger

    poor thing!! DH says when he was little his brother dropped a SAW on his head from the treehouse(up there doing a little DIY…) BOYS!!!! what can you do…?

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