These will make you laugh!

There was a thread on SCS yesterday asking for the DD girls to show some of their “misses” from their card making years.  I have to say – once I got going, it was hard to stop picking out the cards in my gallery that just don’t do it for me.  We’re always our own toughest critic, right?

Anyway – while I was digging around, I found some priceless cards from my EARLY early stamping days and I thought I would share them with y’all – they are good for a laugh!  I’m going to upload them as thumbnails so you can click on them if you want to see them full size.  Well – all except this priceless picture – it was one of my very very first cards!

I made this in the fall of 2003…seriously – one of the first cards I ever made!


I showed these two to Matthew last night and he honestly didn’t believe I’d made them, lol!


And wow – do you remember the plaidmaker?  Apparently if you use it, you don’t need anything else but a sentiment slapped in the middle!


And I’m not sure what was up with this style….


And just a few more random classics…


So – you can see how far I have come in the last 4+ years.  If your cards are better than these (and I am sure they are!) then feel free to laugh and enjoy my start to stamping.  If your cards are not better than these (and I doubt that!) then you can enjoy seeing the improvements I have made and know that you will continue to get better too!

I hope that made you laugh today!  Enjoy your weekend!

23 comments to These will make you laugh!

  • lol You’re braver than me, Emily! I don’t want to look back at my beginning cards. Too scary! lol Have a great weekend!

  • rieca

    Real good laugh. And let me say I have some that are even more classic from the early 90’s! Thankfully, we were not digital then so I don’t have to relive them, but let me tell you, I used to cut magazine bits out and glue them with kids glue that bubbled and called that back ground paper! I even gave entire sets of them as gifts! So live and learn as they say. Thanks for adding a giggle to my day!

  • If only I sent you my firsties. They are hideous. ha. Just like yours, like the whole stamp-the-background-then-highlight-the-image-in-a-mat. ha. Good times. Oh, and I’ve been stamping 4 1/2 years too….

  • I have a lovely Perfect Plaid stamp set I’ll sell you if you want to try your hand at plaid again! 🙂
    My early cards are of a similar vein. I might have to post some one of these days, just for the laugh!

  • Amy

    you’ve come a long way, Baby! (that was a cigarette ad back in the day) But, those were awesome then and whomever received them was probably overjoyed!
    Have a great week!

  • Wow, you’re brave!
    It’s amazing just how much better you got. Well, I suppose, there’s no sense in doing something if you aren’t getting any better…
    But hey, I know so many people who are actualy very proud of their cards which look like these “misses” of yours – or a lot worse… Is it mean to say this?

  • gthandy

    I know what you mean! I found a TY card I made for Noelle ‘s first birthday and all I could think was WTF was I thinking making this?? LOL

  • Lori A.

    LOL! Those are great!

  • *giggling* My cards STILL look like that, are you kidding??? J/K. Let’s just say I buy my stationary though. I’m definitely not as gifted as you are! (I mean that in a good way!!!!!)

  • So glad you shared! I remember making cards just like them! If I am following your logic, I am getting there! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Hey I think you sent me a few of those….The green plaid one. I think I still have it!

  • You crack me up! I have to say I think the plaid ones are my favorite! Thanks for sharing them — it gives me hope!!! 😉

  • Jo Ann

    these were soooooooo good for a laugh – but i have to confess they reminded my of my first pathetic efforts five years ago. i threw them all out recently. aaaaargh. in fact, i look at cards i made a year ago and wonder what the heck i was thinking … LOL. our tastes sure do change, dont they? thanks for sharing these … i was truly amused as i thought of my own *early creations.* you were very very very brave to post them 🙂

  • Amanda Currier

    my my my!! These cracked me up –not because they’re so bad–but because mine looked exactly the same!! LOL Now, it makes me feel awesome that YOU used to make cards like that, so there’s HOPE for me yet!

  • Kim

    Too funny! I agree with Amanda, mine looked just like this as well! Perhaps this style was required for first time Stampin’ Up! users! LOL!

  • Oh Emily…I swear some of those cards could be mine from the early days! Are you sure you didn’t raid my box of old cards?!?! LOL!

  • So awesome that you shared your first cards. It’s funny because back then I think we all had that same style, your cards look like ones I would have made. I should pull some out, I’m sure I have them.

    TFS! It shows how far you have come which is fantastic!

  • ansa

    Beautiful cards…..and some funny
    It’s not only how far you’ve come (and you have) but how many punches, stamps, etc we have at our hands now. Like all the nesties…and cuttlebug…GOSH….Scrapping/Cardmaking have come a long way.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Melanie Muenchinger

    oh yeh, i’ve got a wholebunch of these! I’m inspied now to make a similar post, I said at one point i didn’t want to becuase I didn’t want anyone just startingto feel bad if resembled what they ar currently doing, but you’re right, defintiely shows where they can go if they keep at it! 🙂

  • Some of those cards are not all that bad. We have less tools and gadgets and stamps and you can only do so much with what you have.

    I like your little strips of paper for copy right information 🙂

    I might have a problem here, but when I look at the cards I made before, I still like them. I will have to post some someday.

  • These are great! Can you imagine in another 5 years looking back – do you think we’ll get a chuckle out of the wonderful cards you make now? It’s funny looking back on the trends that were so great back in the day. The plaid maker made me laugh (good times, good times…).

  • krista

    Your cards and commentary cracked me up! Along the same lines as the 70s WW recipe cards and commentary you have linked on your blog. 🙂

    Your cards today are awesome, and I really enjoy your blog. Plaidmaker aside, any chance you will be making any cards with SU! stamps?

  • gotta love it!! thank God we can look at these and be able to laugh or appreciate where we were and where we are now, and where we are going!! A true sign of growth!! No shame in our past!

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