I thought I would start a few thematic days on my blog.  This will be the first one, and if y’all like it, I will try a few more designated days.  That way, I make sure I share those things too.  Sunday will be the first trial run on this.  I am going to call it “Stamping Space Sunday”.  Each Sunday I will share a more in depth look at something in my stamping space.  This will also help me to update photos of my space as things change.  I know that organization is a HUGE thing with paper crafters of any type.  There are always too many products and not enough space.  I hope that some of my solutions can help a few of you out!


This Sunday I am going to share my ribbon storage.  What paper crafter doesn’t have tons of ribbons???  I mean, can you really ever have too much ribbon?  I know I don’t think so!  Currently I store my ribbon in 3 different places.  All are in an arms reach from where I sit when I work.  The first is my main storage place and this is where I started with all my ribbon.  I used to only purchase SU ribbon.  I am very particular about matching and their ribbons are perfect matches to their papers.  But, sometimes I just need some that I can’t fine from SU.  So now, I have expanded beyond their spools.  I got this rack from MyCraftSolutions on ebay.  It seems to go off and on as a store on there.  I really love it, and it is perfect for spooled ribbons.  I just have it hung on the wall over my stamp table.  It has 4 dowel rods.  I put cord, string and wide organdy on the top.  The second has all narrow organdy – these are either from SU, Michaels, or Starlitstudio.  The third dowel stores all my SU grosgrain.  The bottom rod has a wide mix – SU gingham, American Crafts, and other patterened spooled ribbons.  I love this rack, it holds a lot of ribbon, and I can reach them easily.  Usually, the ribbons are hanging down quite a bit and sometimes I have to spin them back up on the roll, but the dowels do not unroll easily – so it really is a wonderful system.


My second storage place is one of those 3 drawer plastic storage units you can get at Target or Walmart.  I have several of these in front of me on my stamp table, but one is just for ribbon.  I have all my American Crafts spools – the small ones that come in the 5 packs and don’t have holes in the middle.  The bottom drawer is all the scraps of ribbon I have from when I’ve cut a length off a spool and didn’t use it all.  Kind of a mess drawer, but at least it is contained!


The last storage place is new.  I got these 3×3 drawers from Cropper Hopper and they are used to store my ribbon from TexasJodyLynn’s shares.  I love that she has done these, and I’ve got a pretty good variety of ribbon too!  If you haven’t had a chance to do one of her shares – you really should!  She is FABULOUS to work with, and her prices are fantastic.   OH! And she has a polka-dot ribbon share RIGHT NOW!  She does Prima shares too!

Anyway, that about sums it up for my ribbon storage system!  So how do y’all store your ribbons??

And, what do you think of Stampin Space Sundays?