A New Sunday Topic: Stamping Space

I thought I would start a few thematic days on my blog.  This will be the first one, and if y’all like it, I will try a few more designated days.  That way, I make sure I share those things too.  Sunday will be the first trial run on this.  I am going to call it “Stamping Space Sunday”.  Each Sunday I will share a more in depth look at something in my stamping space.  This will also help me to update photos of my space as things change.  I know that organization is a HUGE thing with paper crafters of any type.  There are always too many products and not enough space.  I hope that some of my solutions can help a few of you out!


This Sunday I am going to share my ribbon storage.  What paper crafter doesn’t have tons of ribbons???  I mean, can you really ever have too much ribbon?  I know I don’t think so!  Currently I store my ribbon in 3 different places.  All are in an arms reach from where I sit when I work.  The first is my main storage place and this is where I started with all my ribbon.  I used to only purchase SU ribbon.  I am very particular about matching and their ribbons are perfect matches to their papers.  But, sometimes I just need some that I can’t fine from SU.  So now, I have expanded beyond their spools.  I got this rack from MyCraftSolutions on ebay.  It seems to go off and on as a store on there.  I really love it, and it is perfect for spooled ribbons.  I just have it hung on the wall over my stamp table.  It has 4 dowel rods.  I put cord, string and wide organdy on the top.  The second has all narrow organdy – these are either from SU, Michaels, or Starlitstudio.  The third dowel stores all my SU grosgrain.  The bottom rod has a wide mix – SU gingham, American Crafts, and other patterened spooled ribbons.  I love this rack, it holds a lot of ribbon, and I can reach them easily.  Usually, the ribbons are hanging down quite a bit and sometimes I have to spin them back up on the roll, but the dowels do not unroll easily – so it really is a wonderful system.


My second storage place is one of those 3 drawer plastic storage units you can get at Target or Walmart.  I have several of these in front of me on my stamp table, but one is just for ribbon.  I have all my American Crafts spools – the small ones that come in the 5 packs and don’t have holes in the middle.  The bottom drawer is all the scraps of ribbon I have from when I’ve cut a length off a spool and didn’t use it all.  Kind of a mess drawer, but at least it is contained!


The last storage place is new.  I got these 3×3 drawers from Cropper Hopper and they are used to store my ribbon from TexasJodyLynn’s shares.  I love that she has done these, and I’ve got a pretty good variety of ribbon too!  If you haven’t had a chance to do one of her shares – you really should!  She is FABULOUS to work with, and her prices are fantastic.   OH! And she has a polka-dot ribbon share RIGHT NOW!  She does Prima shares too!

Anyway, that about sums it up for my ribbon storage system!  So how do y’all store your ribbons??

And, what do you think of Stampin Space Sundays?

28 comments to A New Sunday Topic: Stamping Space

  • looks great emily! I’ve got 5 Craft Solutions racks! They come prepainted and so crafted very well I was so happy! I’ve got a ribbon racks, Sizzix Rack, Wheel Rack, adjustable shelf and the ribbon/scissor rack! love them!!! I feel so much more organized with them. Now I LOVE those 3×3 drawers and I am going to have to scout those down. I have so much loose ribbon, this would be perfect! Great job…looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love that you’ll be showcasing your space!!

    One idea I have for you…. I too have a bunch of ribbon on a dowel on the wall… I have added pins in the ribbon to keep the tails neat. Nothing hanging down. I have all these pins, but hey, I don’t sew!! Now they aren’t being neglected and feeling lonely

    Because of you I too bought the Cropper Hopper drawers for my Ribbon Share ribbon…. and I’m trying to talk myself OUT of the polka-dot share LOL!

  • Emily

    Oh but that would be an extra step when I want to use the ribbon, lol! I don’t honestly mind the tails. Only when they get out of control, but usually I just pull them down to the table to use them anyway!

  • Amy

    Good God girl, you’ve got some ribbon! Holy moly! You way out ribbon me by a mile:)! I like the idea for the new feature! I started doing the same thing a few weeks ago and it makes writing so much easier! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


  • Kathy W

    Emily, I think your Stampin Space Sunday idea is a great one, particularly for a beginning cardmaker like me! I thought I had a lot of ribbon, but since I only have 1% of your collection, I won’t feel so guilty buying more. But how to store it has prevented me from filling my cart. Question: I’ve seen a lot of people store ribbon in the open close by their craft table, but doesn’t it get dusty being out in the open? Silly question, but I wonder about this. Your area looks great; thanks for sharing…I enjoy your blog.

  • Emily I really enjoy reading your blog and its so fun to see your stampin’ stuff. I am also a memeber of the texasjodylynn ribbonshare club LOL. I am on my way to becoming a full blown addict.

  • great topic for sundays!! you and i are one in the same for ribbon!! can’t get enough of it!

  • Becky Oehlers

    What a great idea to do this Emily. It encourages the rest of us who are planning a space how to do it in a way that makes sense. I also love how you always share where you get your products. You obviously take the time to “shop around” and find the best deals, which helps the rest of us. Thanks for all of your great blogging and ideas. You are a real encouragement to others!

  • kauai17-kim

    What do I think…I think I’m jealous of all that yummy ribbon!!! I like having theme days. I surely need some inspiration to get organized around her!!

  • Like the idea of having different themes for different days — and anything that has to do with organizing is always a favorite theme of mine!

    I organize my loose ribbon buy wrapping them around the old-fashioned wooden doll clothes pins. I had a picture on my computer somewhere, but I can’t find it now!

    I organize my SU! spools in the SU! holders.

    Other ribbon I organize in plastic bins I bought at Walmart. You can see a picture of it here if you’re interested: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o5/leslieaxo/Ribbon_Container_open.jpg

    Hope this helps someone!

  • Jackie

    That looks great! You sure do have a ton of ribbon, girl!

  • Charlene

    I agree with Kathy W…I won’t feel guilty about buying more ribbon. Suddenly my 30+ rolls just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. Your blog is great…I think theme days is an excellent idea. BTW..I just checked out your WW 1974 link…OMGosh too funny!!
    Have a great week…

  • Awesome idea to share your storage solution. I have a ribbon holder, and a ink pad/re-inker holder that I absolutely love! My husband made mine though…he doesn’t sell the ink pad holder but does sell the ribbon holder racks. My newest addition is those watch maker containers…love them to store stuff in (they are so easy too see thru).

    Looking forward to next sunday;)

  • holly

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog!!

    Although, I am going to have to drag my DH in here and show him that there are many people who have far more ribbon than I have!! Don’t you just love it!!

  • Danita (Moberkitty)

    Oh yes, please! Definitely more “Stampin Space Sundays”!! I’m always looking for ways to organize my area so I can actually *find* all the cool stuff I’ve purchased! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us! Love the blog!! 🙂

  • Rose Ann

    I love the Stampin’ Space Sundays! I appreciate any ideas on how to get my crafting items better organized. Love your ribbon storage and all of your ribbon!!

  • Pat

    Love this idea. I like seeing how other stampers store all their goodies. I am always looking for more organizational tips in my stamping room. Thanks for sharing.


  • Maria Getz

    I think stamping space Sundays will be a great addition. I am always looking at what other’s are doing to keep organized. thanks for the tips.

  • Great idea and love your ribbon storage! I too am a Ribbonaholic and have tons!! I haven’t organized mine from Jody’s ribbon share yet. Question – what is holding your ribbon share ribbon in place? I like this idea and might try it out (one of my many ribbon storage places). 🙂 Also – did the cards come with the Cropper Hopper boxes?

  • elizabeth

    Can you tell me the recipe/stamps used on the flower brown card

  • Liann M.

    Totally love your idea for theme’s. Oh so love all of your ribbon. I enjoy looking at Stamp spaces to get ideas. TFS.

  • Lisa C.

    Love seeing this Emily and I would like to see more of this. 🙂 I like seeing all your ribbons and the way you store them, I have quite a collection too, I use the rain gutters but I have almost outgrown them! YIKES!!

  • Marilyn McFadden

    I loved seeing your ribbon storage areas. I also love your idea of designating each day to a specific topic. Neat idea! Today I think I like your last idea for ribbon storage the best; it is the neatest of them all and colorful.

  • Debbie

    I have enjoyed your blog for a few weeks now. I think the themed days will be a great addition. Stamping Space Sundays will be awesome! I am a constant reorganizer, always trying to find that better way. It will be helpful to see other ideas. I have one Ribbon Craft Locker and just recently found Store In Style Ribbon Spool Stackers and have 4 of those. I need all my ribbon in closed containers. I share my craft room with 5 birds so I like the ribbon dust free. Thanks for your time spent on this blog!

  • Amy

    Okay, so I feel better about the ribbon I have. You have TONS!!! OMG! 🙂 I will get some pics of my stamp space on my page sometime. It is in a transition because a friend is staying with us for awhile and he is living in our spare room…aka my stamp space. So, I just cart what I can carry to a different area when I want to work. It is depressing. I store ribbon on a dowel attached to a block of wood and I have a cool hanging thing that has several basket drawers and it is on the wall and I poke the ribbon through the weave to be able to pull it out and the ribbon stays put away in the little basket drawers.

  • I LOVE Stampin’ Space Sundays!! I love seeing how other people store their supplies. The rack you have is awesome!! I would love to have something like that…I have lots of wall space in my stamping room, but that would just be a free-for-all for my 2 cats!! So I need to have it contained. Right now I just have mine in square basket with handles. I don’t have a huge amount of ribbon so its ok for now but I like to be able to see it all at once, not have it stacked on top of each other, so I’d like to find another storage solution.
    Thanks for sharing yours!! 😀

  • Terri

    Wow. You have great ideas for all your terrific ribbon! I recently started using the ribbon I had, and liked it! So, of course I had to have MORE & MORE! I recently got a peg board to store mine on. But I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing!

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