Ok, I got this idea from the fabulous Jen (genie1314).  She has been making them as luggage tags and diaper bag tags.  Well, after picking Jen’s brain and learning where she got her supplies, I made a few this weekend!  Now Mamak’s girls and my SIL Tiff’s daughter have little tags for their backpacks!  They are really easy to make and they look so cute!  I left the back blank so that they could put an address label or something on it for identification purposes.  I told them they just had to pass along my information if anyone else liked them. 


Here are the badge holders that I got at Walmart.  They make a vertical one and a horizontal one.  Make sure you measure the opening before you make the inside stuff.  The vertical one is slightly smaller than the horizontal one.  I got them in packs of 12 for $1.67 in the office supply aisle at Walmart.


Here is Brooklyn’s tag.  I am sure I’ll make her a new one soon – I never like my first try at anything!  Tiff says it is great (she wanted pink and black), but I am just picky that way!  I just did a Monogram because her name is a little long!


These are for Mamak’s girls.  Katie likes purple and Libby likes pink.  I used my cuttlebug flowers die to punch the little accent flowers.  I also punched more holes along the top plastic to give me more room for ribbon.  Can a girly tag every have enough ribbon??

Now, for my new stamps to arrive because I think I have a way to do a more ‘manly’ version for the boys!


Oh, and I didn’t want to tie mine on with ribbon (Jen said this is how she did it).  So I went to Michael’s and looked around.  I found two options.  One was the little silver ball chain with connector that you see on some key chains.  These were pretty inexpensive.  Then other was to get a pack of lobster claw clasps and put those and the tag on a key ring thingie.  I tried to take pics of LIbby and Katies’s so you could see that a bit.  Hope that helps!  And Jen was right – they are addictive!