Tooth Tins – part 1

Ok, one of the things I’ve been working on this week is 3 different orders for those little lost tooth tins.  I just love them!  Anyway, I’ve made 8 this week!  They are all done except for a few still need the names put on top.  I’ve done the tops several different ways.  Some I have left blank, some I personalize, and some I just put “My Tooth Tin”.  I prefer rub-on letters, but I just got something else I am going to try…I’ll let you know tomorrow how well that goes!

So here are 2 of the more “boy”-ish ones I made:



supplies: What’s In Your Tin? Set 1 by Melanie Muenchinger for Gina K Designs Mono Multi; Terrifically Tacky Tape – 1/8 and 1/4; sanding block; “altoid” tin; and patterned papers by Dude! by Corina Nielsen for Prima and About A Boy by Fancy Pants; palette noir ink;  Making Memories Rub on Letters.

So that’s the first two!  I’m going to try something new on the next one and then I’ll show you how it worked out!  Enjoy your Friday!  I’m off to help out in the school library – I love libraries so it’s kind of fun.  And I eat lunch with all 3 boys (so yes, I have 3 lunches…..I mean I don’t eat each time, but you know what I mean!) it’s fun to do that every Friday.  (And if you are one of the sweet people who ordered these tins – I’ll email you pictures of yours soon for approval!)

4 comments to Tooth Tins – part 1

  • Rachel

    I just wanted to send a post off topic but I know you love New Kids and I went to the concert last night here in Sacramento. IT WAS GREAT. They sounded great, they danced great, and looked as cute as ever. My wonderful husband surprised me yesterday with tickets and asked my friend to go with me (good thing there were only a handful of guys there) you will love it.

  • valerie

    Hi Emily,
    These tins are adorable! But, I have a separate question: what did you ever figure out with the “photo tent”? I see the recent photos are terrific using with the white boards. Oh yeah, and how many times have you burned your fingers on those scorching hot little lights?

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