NKOTB – really?!?!

Yeah – so the concert was tonight.  I thought I would blog a quick one with some of my initial thoughts cause I don’t want to forget some of these…….they waaaaay to important!

Let’s see….

When Jordan told the crowd to “pump your fist!” – riiiiight.

The *interludes* – priceless.

1.  The one I refer to as the Power Ballad – or as Jenn called it – the song Joey wrote for the end of a Disney movie, but then they decided to go with someone else….it was fabulous.

2.  Danny’s break-dancing.  I mean yeah – for someone older than me – he’s got  moves.  But I don’t think they were all real ones.

3. Jordan, the open shirt complete with a close up chest shot – and a wind machine.  Wow.   Need I say more?!!

4. Joey’s interpretive dance.  Yes, the one where he comes out with the black shirt that is half silver and at one point yanks one sleeve up to expose his bicep.  I think I can picture this one *they are planning and he says  ‘guys – I got the next one.  I took this interpretive dance class at the community college…..*

Now, I know this sounds like I didn’t enjoy it.  But I totally did.  It was such an odd mix of wonderful memories and *are they kidding?!?!* moments.  I loved every minute of it!  They did all my favorite songs…only one that I wish they had done and that was Popsicle.  But I’m sure they just couldn’t manage it as it was one of their very first songs.  It might have been a wee bit high for everyone now, lol!  I don’t know that I have ever seen so many crazed adult screaming women in one place before.   And the few men that attended..,I felt sorry for them!  LOL!

So if they are coming to a city near you – GO!  It was worth EVERY PENNY!

And now, I’ll leave you with a video…..this goes out to my AGD peeps – Greek Week ’97 BABY!!!

17 comments to NKOTB – really?!?!

  • LOL– Thanks for the giggle! I LOVED, I mean LOVED Jon back in the day— I had posters EVERYwhere in my room and slept in NKOTB T-shirts. I can’t even imagine how the concert was, but it would be hilarious to get together with friends from school and go be adult teenagers again! I’ll have to see if they are near Iowa! Glad you had fun!

  • i love love love nkoktb

  • Jean

    I had to send the link to your blog to a friend who is also a big NKOTB fan. Hopefully Angie will get to enjoy them too.

  • you’re too funny! I was just thinking of you this past weekend – I found pics from my high school grad night where they were in concert (I’ll have to scan & send to you if you’d like to see ’em)

  • I was going to marry Joey! But my mean big sister would probably have stolen him first! 😛

  • Hehehe, this has made me chuckle – I am going to see NKOTB in London in January and I am soooo excited – talk about recapturing my youth!!
    I can’t wait for the cringe making moments – woo hoo, roll on January!
    Thanks for sharing your evening with us!

  • Oh man, that sounds like fun. Jordan is my favorite. I wish I could have gone. It turns out they did a show in Vegas on the 11th but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. It would be awesome to relive the old times though.

  • Summer Braxton

    I’m going in 2 weeks with my sis! I bought the new CD thinking I should learn some new songs, but I swear I haven’t been able to make it through the whole thing yet. I’m glad they did a lot of “old skool” songs. I can’t wait to reminisce with my big sister. And someone needs to tell Debbie that Joey was all mine…. he was going to fall in love with me… I wrote a story about it for school and everything.

  • Ahh, I went to their concert here in DC on the 2nd and it was one of the best and funnest nites I’ve had in awhile. I loved every second of that show & was sad to see it end. Jordan’s still a hottie for sure and when they popped up on the piano right in front of me I thought I’d faint, lol! I’m trying to get my hubby to take me the concert in Phillie next month (I’m still beggin’ him)!

    Suzanne Dean

  • Lori A.

    L-U-C-K-Y!!! I didn’t get to go. 🙁

  • gthandy

    AHHH!! so your inner 13 didn’t come out?? Mine sure did!! I go caugh up i the moment!! being about 7 rows from the stage didn’t help! LOL You didn’t like Joes’s “Twisted” Dance?? It reminded me if DWTS! We are looking forward to HOPEFULLY another concert next year! Glad you had a great time!

  • Sherri P

    Nothing to do with NKOTB, but I’m glad you had such a good time! I just wanted to tell you that I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from the Stamp Castle after seeing all of the beautiful cards you made using the Just Rite products. I received my order and I love this stuff. They sent a big Just Rite catty so I’m probably going to have a hard time resisting more! I guess I missed the part that you do design work for them, so imagine my surprise when I opened the instruction book for the Monogram Stamp Kit and I saw your work! That is so awesome Emily! Forgive me if I’m behind the times! I probably read about this somewhere and put it too far back in my mind. But that is so cool to see your work in print that way. It looks SO good!


    When I get done break dancing, yall better have that hot patch ready for my back, you know doing the catepillar after I do the kid n play hurts like the dickens.

    I too had a FABULOUS time. The people watching was just a great as NKOTB..

  • Oh, and let’s not forget Jordan’s solo with the unbuttoned shirt AND wind machine…

  • Oh no you didn’t! ha ha ha, seriously? 🙂 oh man!

  • Joanne Castle

    HAHA!! I am so jealous!! I wanted to go but I didnt think it would be worth it! And they are playing here TONIGHT! Too bad. I loved them, I can’t believe you did too! See, we were brought together for a reason! hehe 🙂

  • Leslie

    Emily, I went to the concert on Wednesday, and I loved it! I thought they put on an amazing show!

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