Yes – I did something bad.  Ugh.

So when I got my new laptop in September, I moved all the files and programs I wanted to keep on to my EHD.  I loaded them on my new laptop….made sure they were all fine…..then erased my old laptop.

Or so I thought….

Um…ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you load ALL your programs before you erase them off the old computer.  I forgot to load Adobe Lightroom before I erased it.  Ok, not a problem – I had the files and it’s loaded and fine.

But I forgot to get my presets file from my old computer!   ARGH!

For those that don’t know – Lightroom is a fabulous program for Adobe that edits photos.  Presets are one-click (but still adjustable) settings that get cool effects for your photos.  I’ll try to find a few for you to show what I mean.

This is the orginal photo I took last August:


And these are with Lightroom Presets:




*That first preset is the one I used in one of my most favorite scrap pages ever*


Anyway, I found some of them…but my favorites were from a girl on one of the digital boards….and now her blog is password protected so I can’t get them anymore!  I am so bummed.  She had even created a set of presets specifically for red-heads – even used my photo for previews….ugh.

*While I was looking for the presets I am missing (most of the ones I had were free), I did locate this cool site that has a bunch of them!  I picked them all up – but I haven’t played yet so I have no idea if they are good….but free is good, right?  Find them {HERE}.*

**PSA: ALWAYS always always make sure everything is loaded before you erase an old hard drive.**

***PSA#2: When you load your presets, copy and paste them into the folders in Lightroom (or whatever program).  Do not just drag and drop – then your original files aren’t complete if you move them later on.***