So I posted my whiny post about losing my Lightroom presets and one my readers (THANK YOU SHAWNA!) hooked me up with a link to find them!  I’m so happy to have them back!  YAY!

And I also meant to share this awhile back and realized I never did!  There’s a little back story to this one, so I”ll share that first.

The other day on the way home from picking the boys up from school, Andy and I were discussing the books we were reading.  I had just started the Eragon series (fantastic, btw!) and he was reading a book called Dragon Rider(And dude – it is crazy that an 8 yo read that book – it’s over 500 pages!  I just had to brag a bit – he’s such a book lover!)  Anyway, Andy and I were discussing how the dragons compared in each of our books.  Alex really got in to this discussion so I offered to read a bit of Eragon out loud when we got home.  Can you believe he sat there with me while I read about 3 chapters out loud?   Later we had to find a smaller Dragon book for Alex to read on his own – and there aren’t many out there for 6 yo’s!

The boys were very interested in all the dragon talk.  Well, Megan Farrow (Flergs) over at SBG put out this Fairytale kit and she also gave me a template to build your own dragon to go with the build your own castle.  (There’s also a more boy-ish add on!)


Alex wanted to build his own castle – so he told me what papers he wanted used, etc and we built him a castle.  Then we decided to make him a little *page* that he could pring out, so he picked a background paper and we put the dragon on there.  I printed it out for him as a 6×6 and he took it to bed with him.  Well, I was chatting with another digital scrapper and said that I wished I knew more about extractions because Alex asked if I could make it with him ON the dragon but I didn’t know how to do that.  And guess what – she said to take a pic of him in a chair and she’d make a page for him!  So here’s what she made for Alex….

How cool is that?!!?  Alex loves it!  Mish suggested that I have him hold his arm out and that she’d put a sword in it – he really liked that touch!  (THANK YOU MISH!)

Anyway – I just thought that was really cool, and sweet, of her to do for him.  Ok, I’ve got to finish repackaging my digi goodies…..cause guess what!!!! I found a store for me to join!  Yep!  It will be announced Friday – wanna guess where it is?