I’ve got some new things out at Two Little Pixels this week!  And guess what?!?  I branched out and some of it is *not* paper!  Cool, huh?  Anyway, here is what came out this weekend!  (Don’t forget to change your cart to USD if you are not from Australia!)

First up, I put the Essential Textures in the 2lp shoppe:


Next I have some funky, fun acrylic stuff!  This is a set of Acrylic Frames in scalloped and plain styles:


And then a mix of various Acrylic Bits!


And here are some layouts from Creative Team!  (You can click on the images to view them full-size!)

Carly, Christie, Janel, Grace and Carolyn

carly-1.jpg  grace-1.jpg    christie-1.jpg

carolyn-1.jpg  janel-3.jpg     janel-2.jpg

carolyn-2.jpg   janel-1.jpg      christie-2.jpg

And I’ve got more fabulous goodies for next week!