Behind every woman….

I love this sentiment from Rupa Shevda’s newest set for Gina K.  It just cracks me up because it fits me to a T!  See….I used to not drink coffee.  I was a coke girl.  I used to have a vanilla coke from Sonic every day.

And then one day about 2  or 3 years ago….it just started making me nauseous.  I have no idea why. But I still cannot drink soda without getting nauseated.  And that’s hard sometimes!  There are days when I would just love to pop open a can of cold coke…..but I try it and after I sip I know if I drink more of it…..I’m gonna be sick.  Totally weird.

Ever since….I’ve learned to drink coffee.  Because this girl needs her caffeine!  It seems to really help with my allergy headaches….isn’t that great??!?!  That’s how my allergies present…when they act up (which is most of the time here is allergy-hell that is Texas) I get sinus headaches, etc.  Fun times.  So I drink coffee.  Lots of it.  No really, I just have a travel mug every morning.  And right now, I am in heaven because Coffee Mate’s Peppermint Mocha is BACK!  And thanks to the blog reader who informed me you can freeze it….I’ve started a back up stash in my garage freezer for after Christmas when the discontinue it!  You can read all about my love of Peppermint Mocha {here}.

Anyway, I found this great paper by Bo Bunny at a local scrap store last Thursday and I decided it would be perfect for this….bright and fun!


supplies: My Cuppa’ Joe by Rupa Shevda for Gina K Designs; patterned paper from Bo bunny, classic circle nestabilities, Pure Luxury white cardstock from Gina K Designs; pink passion cardstock and ink; sponge; Memento Tuxedo Black Ink; heat gun; white satin ribbon from Gina K Designs; Copic Ciao Markers– YG03, YG23, R85, and RV02; and dimensionals.

I am hoping to pop in later with a “Stuff I Like” post – as it’s been awhile since I”ve done one and I have a few things lined up to share….but after Matthew’s been gone on National Guard duty for past two weeks…we’re just having family time.  Lotsa board games and Wii fun!  (Plus I spent all day Friday cleaning up after Alex and the flu bug he caught….fun times!)

12 comments to Behind every woman….

  • Jean

    I still hate coffe, but that card is adorable. Nice job…

    We are really looking forward to your arrival in a little over a week…..yeah

  • Liz

    I think the set is adorable and I love your card… but I just have to say that sentiments with punctuation or grammatical errors irk the nerd in me. 🙁 In the sentiment, the word “lotta” doesn’t need an apostrophe. If it had been written “lot o'”, the apostrophe would have taken the place of the ‘F’ in “of”. But “lotta” is a slang word that people take to mean “lot of”… no apostrophe needed.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. 🙂

    In the meantime, nerds like me can just ink up the sentiment carefully and leave the unnecessary apostrophe out!

    Love your blog and all your creative enthusiasm… you’re inspiring!!

  • Jen W

    You can FREEZE it! Oh man, I need to get to the store! I have 4 bottles of Peppermint Mocha in my fridge right now. It goes so fast here you have to buy it as soon as you see it come out. I think I will be stocking up some more now that I know this little tidbit! Adorable card too!

  • Dude! Thank you so MUCH for telling us that you can free the Peppermint! I too am a hoarder of it, and sorrowfully sip it all winter, thinking “oh, I hate when this is gone.” Now I can freezer hoard it! Woo-hoo!!!

  • Troy Louise

    Oh, I just ordered that set. It looks like a lot of fun. I too love the peppermint mocha creamer. Thanks for the news about freezing it – off to the store to load up. Your cards are really nice. Thanks.

  • Angie Lutz

    OMG! I just picked up some Peppermint Mocha this past weekend! I love that stuff. I am so freakin’ glad to find out you can freeze it! Thanks for sharing that little tidbit. Oh, and the card is adorable. I love your blog and try to stop by on a daily basis for inspiration.

    Hugs, Ang 🙂

  • I know I ave been MIA for a while, but I am catching up. I was in the grocery store the other day and saw this and immediately thought of you! I was so excited I bought this one, and you have to try the Chocolate Mint Truffle by International Delight too – TD4! Cute card too 🙂

  • Anita

    Oh My Stars!!! How funny is that that your card is so cute but everyone is so excited about the Peppermint Mocha!!! I just added it to my shopping list, WooHoo 🙂

  • I LOVE your tall card, Emily! The colors are so funky and so is the layout!

    Great job!!

  • Bev

    Wait just a darn minute?!?! New Coffeemate?
    And what’s this jazz about caffeine helping sinuses or allergies?! That’s me! I’ve bought 2 different “remedies” this week alone! I wanna know!!!

  • Bev

    And by the way … the card is outta sight delightful!!!
    Please do not tell me that it was another “quickly” produced masterpiece. Please.

  • lol love the saying, very cool card!!

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