Ok, let’s try this again!  I have no idea what just happened to the entire review I just wrote up!

Welcome to another Sunday (or Monday) edition of “Stuff I Like”.  You can find all the previous editions {here}.  Today I want to talk about Spica Atyou Glitter Pens by Copic.  They are fun, easy to use, quick drying and sparkly!

Spica atyou Glitter Pens by Copic

I love these!  They are really great for adding just a touch of sparkle to whatever you are working on.  They come in a variety of colors.  I prefer the 12 pack as it comes in a clear *wallet* to keep them contained.  I’m all about containment!  When you write with these, they do have a bit of colored ink as well as glitter.  So you could use them alone or on top of anything you have just stamped or written.  They also dry very quickly.

I prefer these to glitter because I do not like messy things.  I hate having gritty embossing powder or bits of glitter all over after I complete a project.  (Not that you’d know this by looking at my terribly messy stamp room!)  I didn’t bother trying to get a picture of these in use…..while it would show the colors, it’s just too hard to photograph glitter and sparkle!  These are more subtle than actual glitter, but trust me – in person they have a lot of sparkle!  What girl doesn’t like sparkle?!?  Especially sparkle that isn’t messy!

Where to get them:

I got mine at Gina K Designs – I prefer them in the set with the wallet as she sells them because they are less likely to get misplaced that way!

**I aplogize for the lack of description and such with this – I’m just irritated about having to rewrite the entire post!**