So we all know what Black Friday is (which I discovered through wikipedia means that it is when the retailers start to be ‘in the black’ or make profit during the holiday season), but are you aware that Monday is called Cyber Monday?

I am assuming that means it is the busiest online shopping day.  I’m sure I could look it up on wikipedia to make sure!

Anyway, this is my Public Service Announcement to remind y’all to use your Ebates!  It’s simple, it’s free, and it gets you CASH back on your purchases!  Plus they have a bunch of different coupon codes listed there too.  And in this economy – any money you can save/get back is GOOD!

Here’s the website if you haven’t signed up yet – and you get a bonus when you make your first purchase too!

Ebates Shopping Site – Click here to sign up!

(if they ask who referred, you can say me if you want!

And as a bonus – during the holidays they have different stores each day that double the percentage you get back!  Cool, huh?  So make sure you go through there before you buy online – not all stores are there, but there are a lot – so you can get money back from your purchases!