Ok – I have been asked several times what Monogram stamps I recommend starting with, so I just figured I’d write a post about it!  I guess this also qualifies as *Stuff I Like* because I love these suckers! (All product names and photos are linked for you to find the items easily online.)

For Multiple Cards with the same letter, etc:

Monogram Stamper Kit

Product Details:

  • Times New Roman Font (95 pt and 50 pt)
  • Four interchangeable designer borders and centers
  • Reversible ink pad (one side pre-inked with black ink)
  • Works with Curlz, Damask and Special Occasions Kits

I like this stamper if you are going to do multiple cards with the same letters, borders, and ink color.  If you were working on wedding things or something – this is perfect.  Because it’s self-inking – you can stamp a lot easily.

For small card sets:

DIY Monogram Stamper Kits (1 5/8):  these come in several fonts – and it’s really your preference which you like.  I’ll link to them all – they have an older version, not much of a difference in them, just packaging and the way the alpha is stored.  The newer versions also come with a few more centers with sentiments, not just letters to use.  I’ll show both options….although some no longer come in the old version.

Curlz Font: New Version 

Special Occasions Font: New Version and Old Version


Damask Borders (These are specifically for making one letter monogram cards): New Version and Old Version

I also highly recommend the tiny alpha – it’s fabulous for writing whatever you’d like around the border area of the round stamper – so so fun!

Small Letter Set

So to start out – I’d choose a font and buy one of the DIY kits (or the larger automatic stamper if you want it for mass production) and the small letter set to get started.  I hope this helps!

You can find all these product at The Stamp Castle – and there is a tutorial on SCS on  how to treat them if you have trouble getting clean images.