Stamping Space: New Toys!

So I’ve gotten a few new toys of late – and just didn’t have any place to put them!  I finally managed to convince Matthew that the computer needed to be relocated to a new room – woohoo!  So now the entire *study* is officially mine!

Here is how it used to look on that side of the room:

And now it looks like this!


Sweet, huh?  I finally got my sewing machine out!  It’s been in a box since I got it back in April (a birthday present)!  I am thrilled to have it out and useable….now for those lessons – Oh Jenn!!!    And next to it is my Cricut Expressions!  I picked up some of the black vinyl for the walls the other day and I play to do some words to put around the room – you know – some inspirational ones or something.  I am so excited to have space for these and now that they are out, I am sure I’ll use them more!

It’s still a little rough in there – but it’s coming along nicely!  However, that’s why I haven’t been up to much crafting lately – it’s been in upheaval for a while.  I am really looking forward to sewing on cards though – I’ve been dying to do that for years, lol!

And did you notice the special thing in that photo?  Here’s a better shot:


 Lookee what I found at Target in the $1 spot!  Yep, mailboxes!  In NEW colors!  They had some of the solid white, red and pink – but they had new metal ones and metallic pink ones (with a Strawberry Shortcake tag?)!  So you might want to check your Targets if you want some for this year!  I got mine the day after Christmas here – and yes, I left some at the Mansfield Target – I promise I did not buy them all!

You can find my Mail Box tutorial {HERE}!

All my Tutorials can be found {HERE}!

And all the organization and such for my Stamping Space {HERE}!

Now I am off to prepare for the boys’ NYE sleepover – 6 boys age 8 and under – SERENITY NOW!

15 comments to Stamping Space: New Toys!

  • Becky Groes

    congrats on the WHOLE room becoming yours! I love it when the hubs breaks down and realizes that we’re right! Enjoy your space!

  • Your new space looks gorgeous – I love the mailboxes, I wonder if I can get them over here….mmmm, may have to look on ebay!
    Hope you have a lovely evening with a housefull of boys and Happy New Year!
    Leanne :o)

  • wow love your space cant you see how green I am LOL

  • Oh I noticed them. I still have some from last year that I couldn’t part with.

  • WOW! Congrats! Have sooo much fun in there!

  • Lori A.

    Nice! I would love to have a whole room just for crafting. Well, if you didn’t buy all those mailboxes at the Mansfield store, somebody else did. LOL I was there today and didn’t see any.

  • I love the color of your stamp room!

  • Sweet Emily! Looks like some craftin’ time with your goodies is in order 🙂 And the new mailbox colors are so fun…I’m off to my Target tomorrow…hope they have some!

  • What a fun room! Makes me want to tear mine apart and re-do it! What a wonderful way to start the new year!

  • Love the pink mailbox Em! And the sewing machine looks great! I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail- I ordered it on Monday… should come SOON!!! Maybe today! (we have mail on Sundays here)

  • Those mailboxes are the cutest! 🙂 Love your stamp room, too! ::jealous::

  • Lisa (crazycatstamper)

    Man! My Target STILL doesn’t have the new mailboxes! I was in yesterday and they have a little Valentine stuff out, but no mailboxes. Congrats on the expanded crafting space!

  • Love those mailboxes. I bought two myself and have pics on my blog of how I decoratted them.

  • Having your own craft room is great as long as you can keep everyone else from believing it is a throw-all room when cleaning other parts of the house….my oldest son moved back for a short-time and all his stuff ended up in my craft room….well, he (like his little brother) is enlisting into the Army and he leaves for basic on the 20th, his brother is just finishing basic, so after that I will have an empty nest and his things will be out of my room so maybe I can get it organized again and all to myself…can’t wait…but I will miss them. Oh yes, I happened to go into my Target the other day and had to walk out with at least 5 of the new pink mailboxes, now to use them and the stock of red, pink and white ones I still have from last year. Those $1 bins at Target are dangerous, I have boxes of pails and mailboxes and other things I have gotten to decorate for $1 at Target/Dollar Tree/Michaels/ACMoore. Will the madness ever end…. I hope not!!! ;-D


  • Erin

    Your room is looking great. I just thought I would let you know, you can use the peel and stick contact paper for the vinyl for wall decals. I have tried this and it works great. Of course, it is hard to find black and brown in the store, but you can get them online. I bought white and cream and it is so cheap, 5.00 a roll!

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