Blog Issues?

So my Mom said that  my blog was  having issues and the photos weren’t coming up.  I pulled it up on both of my computers and it came up fine.  Any of you having trouble with it?

12 comments to Blog Issues?

  • No photos showing up for me either.

  • Heather M.

    I don’t see the recipe or any pictures.

  • we’ve been having internet issues today! Every page & blog I visit takes forever for pictures to load and some of them don’t load completely – so at this point I don’t think that it’s just your blog!

  • krista

    I can’t see pictures either. If it helps, I’m on Internet Explorer.

  • I can’t see them either. I want the recipe and it did not come through.

  • Alicia chaparro

    Hi Emily,

    I noticed that when I use Firefox I can see everything on the blog just fine. In Internet Explorer though, some of the pictures won’t load at all.

    Hope this helps!

    Hugs and Blessings
    Alicia AKA Militarystampingmom

  • cpine

    The only thing showing on my IE is text. The links are gone, and it’s only the postings to the apple cake (without the recipe 🙁 ).

    I can’t wait to visit CHA virtually through you!

  • cpine

    Strange! After I posted a comment it is all good, but if I go back to the home page it is gone again.

  • nancy

    Same here. I can’t see pictures or the apple recipe. Love your blog

  • Debbie Fisher

    Just letting you know that I can’t see pictures either.

  • Jean

    No recipe, no pictures/or side column stuff on home page. But when I hit comment the side column appears. All other blogs/internet sites show up fine on my computer. Sounds like it is not just me.

  • Nancy P

    The last thing I can see on your blog is “(Peggy Roderick)”… No picutres, no recipe and I can’t scroll down to see old blog posts… Nancy P…

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