I had some Christmas goodies that I forgot to share with y’all!  So I’m gonna share them even though you probably aren’t starting next year’s goodies quite this early – but maybe you are!  And if not, file them away for next year!

First up is a set of letters I did – I picked these up at Hobby Lobby about 2 years ago.  They were a kit – but it had some kinda ugly papers and such with it.  But the letter were really nice – maybe 1/2 in to an 1 in thick – wooden or press board, not sure which.  And about a foot tall.  They spelled NOEL.  I thought I could use other papers and do them on my own – and they were on clearance so they were a good deal!

And finally – two years later – I actually made them!  We did Secret Santas in the Dirty Dozen and I thought these would be great for my Secret Santa.  I started out by priming them with a white acrylic paint. I figured that being press board, they would really suck up paint if I didn’t do that first.  Then I used some BasicGrey Christmas papers and use mod podge to put them on.  Then I found some great gold acrylic paint that had a ton of sparkle to it.   Really nice stuff!  I painted that over the backs and the sides and then just went a bit onto the paper with it.  I finished it off by sealing it with spray sealant.

And here’s how they turned out!


Now I just need to finish the other two sets so I can either give them as gifts or use them in our house!

I also had a few sets of blocks that were ordered – some for grandchildren and a set of Christmas ones as well….


These were made with Fancy Pants Sweet Pea papers….


These were made with BasicGrey papers…

And you can find a Block Tutorial {HERE}!