Ok – here are some more crafty finds from Day 3!  I’ll be posting pics from this thing forever!

A newer company that I found was Canvas Corp – I really liked what they had to offer – lots of possibilities!

Check out this Diamond Hard paint they have – no sanding or priming needed!!



And they had some fab blank canvas things to work with as well as cool hardware!


Doodlebug had one of the CUTEST booths – who doesn’t like glittery cupcakes and flowers?!?!




Absolutely adorable!  Ok, I’m headed out for dinner.  I’ll try to post a few more when I get back – and then I am headed home tomorrow!  It has been so very fun to see all the cool things, meet so many people I”ve *known* online for so long, etc – but I miss all my men at home and I am ready to go back.  Plus my feet are killing me!