I’m home!  I would have gotten on to post more pics earlier – but when I got home our internet was down!  Suck!  It’s finally up and working again so I’ll slip some pics up here quickly – just in case it goes out again!

Ooops!  I hit publish too early on that one!  Here are the pics!

I stopped by the Me & Carrie Lou booth and saw Jerri Jemenez  – we were on the Dirty Dozen at the same time and I wanted to meet her!


Jerri is amazing with watercoloring!  Just look at the GORGEOUS samples this woman made!



Beautiful, isn’t it?  And that gold with a hint of sparkle as the embossing – STUNNING!  I couldn’t really get a photo that did it justice, but it’s beautiful!

Ok, I have to edit some more photos before I can post any more!