CHA Day 4 part 1

Alright – here comes the rest of the photos!

Starting with a few cute lines from 3 bugs in a rug….



And some cuteness from Chatterbox!


And then some more pretty things from Dream Street Papers!



And then….I have this wonderful photo of well…..bras.  They are decorated with various paper goodies….and they have numbers?  I cannot for the life of me remember what booth these were at – but they are hilarious!  So enjoy!


4 comments to CHA Day 4 part 1

  • The bras were at Melissa Frances…it was a contest she had. 🙂 Love all your photos…I must have missed so many of these booths!

  • Michelle (sf9erfan)

    OK girlie! I am sooo loving your pictures each day! Thank you and great job. I am super jealous of all you guys meeting each other. Ahh, maybe next year! Hugs, michelle

  • thank you so much for posting the bras!! They are gorgeous. I actually make custom bras and I’ve always wanted to do an art bra. They are so pretty.

  • Oh good grief!! I look totally DRUNK!! You are right . . . definitely not my best picture. That residual check I was gonna send for mentioning my name?? I just may have to keep it, girl!!! How’s your Wiz??

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