CHA Day 4 part 2

How about the new offerings from Spellbinders?  They have tons of new dies and some new storage!  But first – a people pic!

Natasha Trupp, Wendy Weixler and I – Natasha and I love Wendy because she is so cute and sweet…..and now I own a Wizard – no more broke B plates for me!


And Wendy – I apologize up front for this photo – it’s the only one I have of the storage….


And check out the pretty dies!!!!  Of course, just when I thought I had all I needed…..I am LOVING the flower ones they came out with!  I mean, I don’t know if you knew this…but I really like flower stuff!  😉


And then the Daisy Bucket had all sorts of pretty things!  I love this black and white line!


and more pretty papers!


And cute projects!  And stamps!



Cute stuff, huh?  I love that Merry Wishes – I don’t know if it’s new or not…but I haven’t seen it!  Ok….just a few more posts and you’ll have seen it all!

4 comments to CHA Day 4 part 2

  • thanks for the pics love seeing the new things everything looks great

  • Thanks so much for sharing all of your fab pictures with us. Do you ever sleep girl?

  • Kim

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos from CHA!! Love all of the Nestibilities goodies…ohhhh….

  • Oh good grief!! I look totally DRUNK!! You are right . . . definitely not my best picture. That residual check I was gonna send for mentioning my name?? I just may have to keep it, girl!!! How’s your Wiz??

    (Whoops! Accidentally posted this under the wrong day, so here it is in the right place!! Oh well, I STILL agree about the photo!!)

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