CHA- Final Pictures!

Ok – here are the rest of the CHA photos.  I’m sorry if I missed your favorite company!  There were a few that didn’t have come this year.

New pretty transparencies from Hambly Screen Prints….


And did you see that one?  Little onesies – adorable!


And check out this new product from the makers of Mod Podge – Extreme Glitter.  It is a liquid glue-like substance, just like mod podge.  You can paint it on with a foam brush – that’s how we did it for  the make and take.  And it STAYS on!  no flaking off – but with a lot of sparkle!  We did 2-3 coats with ours and it was lovely!  Check out the glitter ornaments – how easy will those be with this stuff?!?!


See!  And it’s not eventhat rough!


Believe me – this stuff is sparkly!  It’s hard to show it in a picture, but it really is!


I can’t wait for this stuff!  They said Hobby Lobby and AC Moore had it on order already.   And now some pretty things from KI Memories….


And Little Yellow Bicycle…




And Pebbles……



And last, but not least…..goodies from SEI!



And check out the glitter!


Ok, that’s it!  I really hope that you’ve enjoyed all of these photos!  I really tried to show a bit of everything – I know how much I wanted to see it all when I wasn’t here!  Now I hope someone else will show them all next time when I’m not!  And I promise a card post tomorrow!

4 comments to CHA- Final Pictures!

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of the CHA pictures and product reports! You went above and beyond to bring the show to those of us who couldn’t attend, and I really appreciate it!

  • mkayteem on scs

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love all of the CHA coverage and really appreciate you sharing! Have a great weekend!

  • Julie C.

    Thanks, Emily…for sharing these with us. I have totally enjoyed CHA through your blog posts!!

  • BeckyS

    Thanks soo much for taking all of these 🙂

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