Most of you probably know that I collect gnomes.  I’ve talked about it several times before.  I have amassed quite a collection in my *garden*  (aka bushes) in front of our house.  There are even a few that I have no idea where they came from.  (I suspect my Dad, but he says no…..) I think I have 6 regular size, 2 mini size, and 3 *sports* gnomes.  See, my Dad gave me a Nebraska gnome for my birthday.  Then a few weeks ago the boys and I were at Ace Hardware and we stumbled across a pair of Texas Longhorn gnomes – a boy and a girl!  Andy really loves the Longhorns (despite all my efforts to make him a Nebraska Cornhusker) and he begged to get them.  Since they were on clearance – I let him.  Under the stipulation that they had to be on the OTHER side of the sidewalk from my Nebraska gnome.

All was well until earlier this week.  I walked outside to place a new gnome in the front (a cute one with a little ‘house’ under it!) and what did I see?!?!  Let me just show you the photo…..


Hmm…..I *know* that is not how I placed them!  See, Andy and I have frequently teased each other about our respective gnomes ganging up on the opposite team gnomes.  Apparently Andy and my Dad decided to make good on these threats.  And this was their little project.  Lovely!

So that is Part 1 of a Gnome Saga.  You’ll have to check back later to see my response to their little stunt!