I have a quick little Public Service Announcement for you all.   If you care to see my other PSA’s (so you can learn from my mistakes!) you can find them all {HERE}.

PSA: ALWAYS put the foot lever thingie DOWN before you start to sew!

So the other day after I finally got my sewing machine up and running….I decided to test out my skillz (or lack thereof) on some scraps of paper.  I got everything in place and chose my stitch and went to town!  This is what came out….


Wow!  Isn’t that special??  I showed the boys – they had really kind comments like “Mommy, I think you need some more skills (I think he meant practice) at sewing” and “Is it supposed to look like that?” – this was accompanied by a classic Andy *wha?!?!* look….

I just figured I needed a lot of practice – I mean, I haven’t used a sewing machine since I made a pillow in Home Ec in 7th or 8th grade!

The next day I sat down to try it again….and I realized that I had not put the foot lever down!  OOPS!  Big mistake!  I was thinking there was no way I’d ever be able to sew remotely straight – well, sheesh!  That’s why, huh?  It was a TON easier with the foot down….I mean, I still can’t sew straight – but really, isn’t that over rated anyway?

So just remember – before you start sewing, PUT THE FOOT DOWN!!!

And now a quick one-layer card we did at that Birthday Stamp a Stack:


supplies: Father Knows Best by PTI; vintage cream cardstock; May Arts ribbon; dark chocolate palette ink; kiwi kiss ink.

Alright – I have to finish cutting cardstock for class tonight!