Just a quick post – I’ve got to get to my workout this morning.  Which, btw – I finally got our Wii Fit (we got a gift card for one at Christmas and they’ve been out of stock since!) – and I am loving this thing!  There are a few things I can’t hack due to a bum knee (step aerobics, squats, etc) and that darned toe surgery rules out anything that require you to stand on tip toe.  But there’s so much you can do on there!  Surprisingly, I can actually jog for the run and it doesn’t bug my knee.  So I’ve got quite a routine of warming up with the yoga and strength training, then moving to the jogging, hula hooping and boxing.  We’ve had it for almost 2 weeks and I’ve done 10 hrs on it.  Now we’ll see if that truly translates to anything over time as far as weight loss or whatever…..but I do work up a good sweat.  And since it’s changing stuff all the time, it’s not boring.

Anyway – that’s my thought on it – I really like it!  I wasn’t expecting to, but I do!  If any of you have any other games that go with it that you’d recommend, I’d love to hear about them!  I know you can use the board with lots of games, but I just want to know about really good exercising ones that you like.

Now back to my quickie post!  This is a card we made several classes ago…


supplies: Little Lady by PTI; kraft and pure poppy cardstock; Pure Luxury layering weight white cardstock; palette noir black and pure poppy inks; SU scallop border punch; basic black cardstock; and gingham ribbon.

The next episode of A Gnome Saga will be up later today….and this will require some serious retribution!

11 comments to Ladybugs

  • I love that set—everytime I see a card with it I think, “I MUST HAVE IT”–then I turn to all my other PTI sets and realize that you do have to stop somewhere! Great card… for the Gnome Saga—this Austinite and Longhorn die hard is having a hard time feeling too sorry for your little RED gnome—bless his heart…

  • I love this card! Too cute. You are so talented. I love your blog!

    I can’t wait for the next installment of the Gnome Saga!

  • Amy Wilson

    Go to the Wii Shopping Channel on your Wii main menu. There you can buy all sorts of games from when we were teenagers — it’s like shopping in your video memory lane! Anyhoo, my family purchased Tetris Party. You can play Tetris on your Wii Fit board. I use it all the time to warm up my legs and core, then switch to the Wii Fitt disc and do my workout. Have fun!

  • I am thrilled to hear you like the Wii Fit as I am wanting to get a Wii and the Wii Fit to use – others have said it is fun and you don’t get bored too. Just waiting on income tax return money LOL! Love the card share today also. Cute ladybug and I love the simplicity of the colors used.

  • I just got Wii Fit, too! Although I haven’t done used it as much as I’d like to, I think it’s a lot of fun and the time flies by while I’m doing it. I saw a Jillian Michaels one, but it got horrible reviews on Amazon. “My Fitness Coach” got much better reviews so I think I might get that one and try it out–from what I read it doesn’t use the board, but you can incorporate things you already have into the workout: a step, weights, balance ball, etc. We also play Raving Rabbids TV Party with the balance board. It’s not really exercising, but it’s a fun games. After reading the comment about Tetris Party, I am ready to get some Wii Points to try it out!

  • sharondh

    Congrats on working out on the Wii! We don’t have one, but my daughter does and she uses it often. I’ve only gone bowling on it and discovered I suck at it as much as I do for real.

  • Hey Girl,
    Love all the love you put into all you do, and thanks so much for all the inspiration. I have one little problem, I LOVE LADYBOGS Emily, and hope you find a lot of other ways to use them in our cards and layouts for our scrapbooks.
    Thanks and God bless you and all the Ladybugs and Ladybug lovers. lol

  • We bought WiiSki. You can use the board with it. It is so much fun!! It will quickly get you hooked. I’m off to beat the hubby at bowling.

  • We just got the Wii like two weeks ago and love it. We have the Wii Ski, Wii Fit (which I am dying to use, we just got it yesterday). I got the Julie DVD I hear she is from the biggest loser. Anyway, we just love our Wii fun fun!!!

    Love your blog!!!

  • Dawn

    Try Skate It My son loves skateboarding and this game is a blast with the board.

  • Stacy I

    A response to your Wii question. I don’t have Wii Fit, but I really like Dance Dance Revolution 2. It’s challenging to get the hang of it at first, but then it’s a lot of fun and seems like a good aerobic workout. Gets my heart rate accelerated. I also really enjoy working out with the Wii Sports Tennis.

    I’m enjoying the gnome saga. Have you seen the movie Amelie? It’s a quirkie French movie which includes a story line about a kidnapped gnome. I think you’d enjoy it.

    Thanks for your work on the blog!


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