My blog is back! Hopefully the new server we are on now will be a better fit and not shut our sites down! Thank goodness Kimberly knows how to handle all this stuff – I have no idea what I would have done about it!

And now for the retiring part. I have decided that I need to eliminate some of my obligations. I have come to have the utmost respect for single moms who do it all – I really don’t know how they do! But for me – I need to cut a few things for awhile because my boys have to come first right now.

That said – I have decided to retire from Digital designing. I really do that because I enjoy it and the time just isn’t there right now. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Two Little Pixels and if I ever have the time to take it up again – I will definitely go back there. In the case that I do some more designing, they will just be freebies here on my blog.

Thank you to any of you who have purchased my designs – I’m flattered that you liked my things that much! I will continue to pursue my Digital papers with Gina K Designs, so you can still find some of those there.

My products will remain for sale at Two Little Pixels until the end of the month – so if you would like to purchase any of my things – you have a few more days. After March 31st – they will not be for sale anywhere, so get them before then!

You can find those products {HERE}!

And I promise a card tomorrow – and I have something FANTASTIC to share this weekend…..seriously, I am totally excited about this and I know y’all are going to love it!