So I know I promised crafty things and an awesome new item…..but well – allergies kicked my butt this weekend and I’m just draggin! I have a much lighter week this week though and I am looking forward to actually getting in my stamp room – I have not stamped in about 3 weeks! Yikes….that’s sad! However, I am determined to get in there…not Monday because it’s just jam packed. Tuesday is my goal. *fingers crossed*

Anyway – I found the BEST thing online today!!! Like I could not be more happy right now. See….I drink a lot of water. I love my morning coffee….but other than that – it’s water for me. I used to drink a ton of coke, but it bugs my stomach nowadays. I miss it, but it’s not worth the nausea. Water is it for me. But I like it really ice cold.

I got this fantastic Stainless Steel mug years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I love love love it. I use it every day all the time. That sucker rocks! You can put ice water in there before bed….and there’s still some ice in it in the morning! Seriously – AWESOME!!

Well – it’s been a long time since I got it and it’s just been through a lot. It doesn’t quite close all the way anymore – as it’s been dropped a few times. It kinda leaks around the top sometimes….you know – it’s just worn out!

I’ve looked and looked for a replacement, but I’ve not been able to find the same one. I googled it and never found the darned thing anywhere.

UNTIL TODAY! Yep, I found my beloved mug! I can get a new one (or two so I have a backup!!)! I am so stinking excited! I know – I am a total dork, so excited about a silly mug. But really – I could not be more stoked right now!

*sigh* Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming. I’ll just be sitting here fantasizing about the mail delivering my new mug….isn’t it lovely?!?!

5 comments to DUDE!

  • Hey! You can’t tell us about this awesome mug and then not send us a link to where we can get our own!

  • I LOVE my mug, exactly like this one! My husband is always bringing home travel mugs, but they all have handles on them, which I don’t understand. With a handle I can’t get it into the cup holder in my car. This is the PERFECT mug!

  • Jenn

    Lisa – I thought the same thing, but if you click the picture of the mug, it brings you to the Amazon site.

  • Chris

    I have the same mug and just update it for the 14 oz size. So love how it keeps everything just the right temp!

  • I have this mug too!! Just bought it a month ago and I’ve been looking for something like this for a year and went through 5 other ones! I’m glad to hear that someone else is such a “dork” when it comes to loving their mug!!

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