So this is what I have been waiting to share with you….I am so so excited to show you this! I talked a little about this a few weeks ago. My friend Jenn got this amazing ribbon rack this summer – her Dad made it for her! Well, Matthew asked her about getting one made for me – and it turned into an idea of making them to sell. So here’s the exciting part – Tom (Jenn’s Dad) has decided to sell them through my blog! He’s got at least 10 made and ready to go already! (And I have a few on hand if there are any local ladies that are interested.)

So you want to see what I am so excited about?!?!

Ok, here’s how the rack will look when you get it. There is such attention to detail – it’s got half rods so that you don’t have to take EVERY roll off to get to one in the middle. Extra details on the knobs and the edges. Very sturdy – and the dowels are suitable for every ribbon roll I have! Just skinny enough to fit all rolls and still sturdy enough to take the weight of the ribbons. And here it is!


The cuttlebug is just there for size referencing.

And I chose to paint mine white – this shot is just to show off my awesome Painter’s Pyramids!  I got these at CHA – they had a booth.  I was walking along and saw them and freaked!  I saw these in one of Matthew’s Handyman magazines months ago and told him I needed some for my crafting, lol!  I totally accosted the guy at the booth and he gave me a pack!  SCORE!  I love them!


And here it is all filled up with ribbons!!  Now, I just have mine sitting at the back of the table with my sewing machine, etc.  It does not come with mounting paraphernalia, Tom felt that it was too heavy to mount.  I think if you get it mounted into the studs, you would be fine.  But that’s up to you!


Isn’t that FABULOUS?!?!?  Now, here are the details if you are interested in purchasing one of these beauties!  After I get all that out, I’ll go over a few painting tips in case you are interested.

Price: $65

Shipping & Handling: $22.50

Paypal preferred/check accepted

I believe they are being shipped via UPS (I will double check on this though!)

Now, like I said, there are at least 10 racks ready to go.  If you are local, please email me first about picking one up to avoid shipping charges.  If you are not local, please email Tom ( about purchasing one.  He will let you know if he has one ready for you or if you will have to wait for one to be made.

And I just want to assure you that these are top-notch.  I hope that you all know by now that I am really committed to only endorsing products that I truly adore.  This is absolutely the best ribbon rack I’ve ever seen.  Not only is it functional, but it’s lovely too!  Now I realize that it’s not every-one’s cup of tea – but if you want something functional that also looks great in your room, this is it!

Painting Tips:

1. Use a semi-gloss paint.  I used some left over trim paint from when we painted our house.  I did at least 3 coats, I’m sure if I had primed it first – I would not have needed to do that many.

2. Stuff something (cotton balls, kleenex, etc) in the holes before you paint.  This will keep paint from getting glopped in the holes and then making the rods hard to insert.

That’s about it!  Please ask away if you have any questions!  I really hope that you are all as impressed with this as I am – I totally love mine!