Last First Tooth

Yep, it’s the last time someone in our house will lose their first tooth.  Adam lost his on Friday.  He was quite distraught when it loosened considerably Thursday evening – freaked out when it bled a little.  Then Friday morning at breakfast it just fell out.  He walked over and handed it to me and said – “look what fell out on my tongue!”  Here’s the little dude with his gap-y smile….


He’s quite proud of the fact that he was the youngest of his brothers to lose his first tooth.  It’s nice to do something *first* when you are the youngest!  Anyway, I had him pick out some papers so he could have his tooth tin all ready for the tooth fairy. Adam went with the sock monkey papers from Daisy D’s  – here’s how it turned out!



supplies: What’s In Your Tin? Set 1 byMelanie Muenchinger for Gina K Designs; Daisy D’s sock monkey papers; palette noir black ink; Cricut Expressions; prism papers;Mono Multi; Terrifically Tacky Tape – 1/8 and 1/4; and “altoid” tin.

So I used my Cricut to get the letters for Adam’s name – mostly because he loves the color red and I didn’t have rub-ons or anything in that color.  And now that I am using the Cricut more – I love it!  Alex was up late the night we made this and we had a great time fiddling around with stuff.  I am totally picking up the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge – I did a bag off the cartridge that came with it – totally cute!  I and really liking the idea of being able to cut a box or bag in whatever size I want – how cool, huh?

Here’s what Alex and I made – he’s definitely the most athletically inclined so he wanted the “Award” to be for exercising…..And yes, he’s wearing a Chinese outfit I got him when I went last year.  He loves that outfit – but it’s getting a bit small so he is hoping that Aunt Kimberly will bring him a larger one when she visits the US this summer! (hint hint, Aunt Kimberly!)


*don’t laugh at my attempt at drawing a bar bell!*
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2 comments to Last First Tooth

  • I LOVE your tooth tins! Such a cute idea! I love my Expression too! My favorite box is the square box, you can fit tons of stuff in it.

  • Jean

    Love the sock monkey paper on Adam’s tooth tin. Adam’s gappy smile is adorable. Love the picture of Alex.

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