Stamp Castle – 40% off Sale

I just wanted to pop on today and remind you all that The Stamp Castle 40% off sale runs only until April 30th.  So if you wanted something, make sure you pick it up!

They have added some fab things you may be interested in:

Distress Ink Pads

I think I need this one:  (brushed corduroy)

And here is some other info that  might come in handy – a blog reader asked which Nestabilities I use with mine.  For the regular monogram cards I usually make, here is what I use!

I use the Classic Small circles – the third smallest to do the letter with border.

And the Classic Scalloped Small Circles – the second smallest to layer it.

That is for monogram cards like this:


*previously posted in July….*

And sometimes I use multiple Nestabilities for many layers as with this card, previously shared in the August 2008 Dirty Dozen Gallery – this was one of my favorite monograms ever!  For my SIL, Tiff, who never has enough bling!


And if you need Nestabilities, here’s a fab place to get them and a coupon code!

Get a FREE white gel pen! They are wonderful!

Go to

Purchase *anything*! (This coupon expires 4/30/09)

Add the coupon code WHITEPEN on the view cart page (Just type WHITEPEN into the box for coupons and click *add to cart* and the free pen will appear! You do not need to add it to your card first!)

That’s it! And in case you need help finding something to purchase – they have a great selection of all kinds of chipboard things and the Nestabilities! They have also added a great selection of Cuttlebug and Cricut items – and at great prices too!

And now I am off to enjoy Matthew being home for a few days, Enjoy!

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