So I have been terribly remiss in not sharing this with y’all.  Hopefully you have dropped by Gina K’s Stamp TV and you have seen it already.  But if not – here it is!  This is a magazine for stampers -but not necessarily about stamping!  It’s geared towards female crafters and all the balls we juggle in life.  There are recipes (quick ones were chosen so you can have more time in your craft room!), tips and advice, and more!  Be sure to check it out – you just never know what extra goodies you might find in there!  😉

And it is edited by the ever-fabulous Lynn Mercurio!  I had the pleasure of walking around much of CHA with Lynn (and Beth!) and she is just the sweetest person!  She really did a fantastic job with this so be sure to check it out!

Oh yeah – and the best part – IT’S FREE!!!!  I know we all like that, right?!