PSA: Cooking

This is my cooking PSA:

ALWAYS check the # of eggs you have and compare to what you will need for whatever you are making BEFORE you dump all the ingredients in a bowl.

Nothing is worse than dumping everything for pancakes in a bowl and realizing you have 1 of the 4 eggs you need.   Darn it!

9 comments to PSA: Cooking

  • If it makes you feel any better, I do this every few weeks. It also applies to store runs. Check for all of the ingredients before you go to the store, instead of just picking up the ones you think you need. I actually had to make three trips to the store for one desert once. My poor DH. I drive him crazy! (and to the store)

  • I’m SOOOOOO there—sadly, this has happened to me more than I will admit on this blog—

  • Hate when I do that! But, luckily in pancakes you can substitute mashed bananas or lots of other things for eggs!

  • Oh I have been there, done that . .. only to find out I have NO eggs in the house….more than I will admit!

  • barb hendrickson

    yeah, that stinks for sure! In the good ole’ days, you’d send one of the kids to the chicken coop and voila! Eggs! makes me want to move to the country. 🙂

  • Dru

    Oh boy – have I ever been there!!

  • Lori A.

    Yea…been there, done that.

  • Jen We

    Another been there, done that, unfortunately a couple times. You would think I would learn!

  • Jennifer (jkincolorado)

    I just did that recently. I made the pancakes without ANY eggs and they turned out fine.

    I also did that with Chili Powder – I pulled the jar out of the cabinet, but didn’t see the jar was empty (I buy spices in bulk so I keep the jars). I was making Chili so that was a pretty important ingredient 😉

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