This has been a week of goodbyes for us….first Matthew and now my sister Kimberly & her family head back to China.  It’s been an emotional week for sure!  I was thinking that to counteract that sadness…..I would do something that would make me happy.  So I am going to start giving away all of my digital products from my designing days.  I’ll post them periodically on my blog – free!  I don’t know when I will have time to go back to designing and I would love for this stuff to get some use.

All that I ask is that if you use it – I’d love you to post a link here so I can see!  It’s so cool to see someone use something you made – so here’s the first freebie!

Essential Blacks: these are a great staple for any digital scrapper!


Please do not share the link – you can refer others here to download it themselves, but do not share the link directly, thank you!

I will leave you with this amazing photo Kimberly took of my family earlier this week….