This has been a week of goodbyes for us….first Matthew and now my sister Kimberly & her family head back to China.  It’s been an emotional week for sure!  I was thinking that to counteract that sadness…..I would do something that would make me happy.  So I am going to start giving away all of my digital products from my designing days.  I’ll post them periodically on my blog – free!  I don’t know when I will have time to go back to designing and I would love for this stuff to get some use.

All that I ask is that if you use it – I’d love you to post a link here so I can see!  It’s so cool to see someone use something you made – so here’s the first freebie!

Essential Blacks: these are a great staple for any digital scrapper!


Please do not share the link – you can refer others here to download it themselves, but do not share the link directly, thank you!

I will leave you with this amazing photo Kimberly took of my family earlier this week….


34 comments to Goodbyes….

  • Saying goodbyes seems to be a big part of our family life, too. And no matter how often we do it, it still doesn’t get easier. Our time for goodbyes is coming up soon as we head back to Croatia. It gets harder on our girls as they get older, but I always remind them that it is a BIG blessing to have so many people to miss and who miss us back. Hugs…

  • Michele

    Thanks for sharing!! Hugs to you for your goodbye’s this week.

  • This is a beautiful freebie. Thanks so much for your families sacrifice, I am so grateful for my freedom and wanted to thank your family for the part they play in that. Blessings to you.

  • Kim

    Emily, wow that picture is incredible. Thank you for sharing your freebies, I’m loving this digi world!

  • Emily,
    I hurt for you, goodbyes are hard! I love the pic of you and your family. Thanks for sharing you talent with us all. Have a good day and hug on those boys ALOT, it helps. :0)

  • WOW; what an amazing picture!!! Love it!

  • Marisa

    (((hugs))) to you!!! What an emotional week. LOVE the picture Kimberly took! Love the backdrop — what a fabulous family picture 😀

  • Pat M

    What a great family picture! Thanks for the digital paper.

  • Thank you for the black paper set – I love it. Black is the new white.

  • this is fantastic! i’m always looking for good black or grey paper! thanks so much!

  • Sibylle

    I’ve always loved your paper and this time is no exception. Thank you for sharing your beautiful freebie. Sorry it has been such a sad week. Hugs.

  • Sue

    Thank you very much for the lovely papers! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for those wonderful papers. You are really talented. Take care !!

  • kicksmom

    Thank you for the great papers. I’ve been tempted to do a photobook just using black papers and these are pushing me to make that leap. Love the photo…it is beautiful.

  • Thank you so much for these templates. I LOVE the text paths!! Your family photo in the forest is fabulous!! TFS

  • Oops!! I’m SO sorry for getting my thank yous mixed up!! DUH!!!

    Thank you for all of these GORGEOUS papers!!! I LOVE the drama that black papers give to a LO.

    Your family photo is FABULOUS!! It was a great idea to do that. Perhaps I’ll borrow that idea and use it for my own family’s portrait.

  • Mara

    thank you for the beautiful papers and I am sending some love to you that kills the sadness,
    the foto is fantastic!

  • Great idea to share these. Thanks so much—it’s a wonderful PP.

  • Mari

    Fantastic! Thank you!!!!!

  • Emily thanks so much for sharing all the different parts of your artistry with us. And a BIG thanks now for sharing these papers.

    We’ll see what good use we can put them to and make YOU proud as a virtual mom!

  • So sad to hear of everyone leaving around the same time but thank goodness you’re not alone and you have your boys.

    Thanks for sharing these papers. I’m just now getting a little experience with digital papers and to have some designs in black is nice; I like your designs with this color.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your Essential Blacks paper with us!

  • Karen A

    Thanks so much for the freebie, but thanks even more to your hubby and your family for being willing to sacrifice for our country.

  • Jenn

    I love the picture that Kimberly took. Thank you kindly for sharing your great papers…I am always on the lookout for some great black papers.

  • Thankyou for the free digi papers! beautiful!! I’m sorry that your family has to go. I know that can be so hard. I really look forward to the days when I get to spend some time with my sister and we live in the same town! how sad is that! Anyhoo…hope your having a nice sunday. 🙂

  • barb hendrickson

    Precious, precious photo, Emily. I’m praying for you and the fam.


  • yin

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs. And that photo of your backviews is wonderful. Take care there!

  • Perlina

    Great papers, thanks so much 🙂

  • Great photo and the blacks are great too!

  • Jennifer (jkincolorado)

    Thinking of you and your boys. I hope this deployment goes quickly for all of you! Love the family photo.

  • Marie

    Amazing papers! Thanks a lot!
    And your picture is gorgeous 🙂

  • Melissa

    The photo is beautiful! Kimberly is such a fantastic photographer. Your black paper is great, and I appreciate you sharing it.

  • Magicquest

    Wonderful picture of your family! Thanks so much for the lovely papers!

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