Nov 17th! Kimberly – this is for you!

I cannot wait for November 17th!  Seriously, can not wait!

Here’s why…..rewind several Christmas’s past……hanging out with the family…..Kimberly and her husband Keith arrive…..PS2 and Karaoke Revolution in hand.    BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  LOL!

Really, we played and played and played.  So much over that week that I ran out to ToysRUs and purchased another volume because we’d worn out the songs on the version they brought.  So much fun!  And I do NOT sing in front of people.  Ever.  But it was a blast!  The boys were pretty young then, I think only Andy could read at the time – but they all remember the game.
Last night we were stuck in traffic and jamming (ie I was singing loudly and the boys were groaning) to some tunes from my Zen….and Alex asked about this game.  I didn’t think they made it for the Wii, but I said we could look.  Turns out they do have an American Idol version (which reviewers said the songs are great, the Idol part is lame) already!  I might have to pick that up – or at least look for it at Game Stop!

And then I found the above photo on Amazon.  Seriously, I cannot wait.  The boys are stoked too!  Nothing like getting your character to glow with their awesomeness.

Now – when are they gonna tell us the song list!??!  I need to start practicing…..

6 comments to Nov 17th! Kimberly – this is for you!

  • Jeanelle

    I checked wikipedia and they had a song list! I think I will be putting this game on my Christmas list too!

  • Sal

    Here’s a little preview of the 50 song tracklist 😉
    1. “7 Things” – Miley Cyrus[3]
    2. “ABC” – The Jackson 5[1][4]
    3. “Ben” – Michael Jackson[5]
    4. “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” – KT Tunstall[3]
    5. “Burning Down the House” – Talking Heads[2]
    6. “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” – Rod Stewart[3][6]
    7. “Feels Like Tonight” – Daughtry[3][7]
    8. “Gives You Hell” – All American Rejects[3][7]
    9. “I Kissed A Girl” – Katy Perry[2]
    10. “I Melt With You” – Modern English[3][8]
    11. “I Want You Back” – The Jackson 5[1]
    12. “I’ll Be There” – The Jackson 5[1][4]
    13. “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz[3][6]
    14. “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga feat. Colby O’Donis[3][6][7][8]
    15. “Love Hurts” – Incubus[6]
    16. “Love Is a Battlefield” – Pat Benatar[3][8]
    17. “Man On The Moon” – R.E.M.[3]
    18. “My Life Would Suck Without You” – Kelly Clarkson[3][6]
    19. “So What” – Pink[3][6]
    20. “The Love You Save” – The Jackson 5[5]
    21. “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay[3][6]
    22. “What Hurts The Most” – Rascal Flatts[3][7][8]
    23. “You Found Me” – The Fray[3]

  • Cindy

    Was Keith singing, too? Matthew? Now, there’s something I’d like to see. For some reason I can see you and Kimberly singing like there’s no tomorrow.

  • aisling

    Okay that is awesome. I never have games on my wishlist (now, my boys? they have TOO MANY) but this is so coming into my house. I already hog the microphone when we play ROckband around here! I’m not coordinated enough for the drums or guitar.

  • Jean

    I think that is one of my favorite Chritmas memories as well. Everyone crowded around in the family room singing (or giggling) away. Too fun!!! Especially the glowing when your character did really well. Sweet.

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