Another Thank You

Just a quickie post today – we’re off to a End-Of-Summer-Laser-Tag-A-Thon.  Fun!  Anyway, I recently had my first card class in about 6 months.   Because I have had a lot of Thank You’s to write, several of the cards we made were Thank You’s.  (Although at class, I get out my trusty box of A Muse sentiments and people can put whatever they like on their cards!)  This is one of the ones we made.

I first saw this pattern made with PTI’s Grid Lines 2 and their Grid Lines papers somewhere in the PTI gallery.  I wish I could remember who made it so I could credit them.  Anyway, I loved the color combo and decided to use it myself.  Only after making one of the cards, I realized there was NO way this was time appropriate for class!  So I decided I would go ahead and stamp the patterned paper for them.  Dude!  That took forever!  I had to stamp 5 full 8.5×11 sheets like this!  Good thing I had some good tv on the DVR!  I do like how it turned out though!


supplies: Grid Lines 2; Ocean Tides cardstock; Pure Luxury White Cardstock Pure White in layering weight; Pure Luxury Chocolate Kiss Base weight; ocean tides, summer sunrise, dark chocolate palette inks; satin ribbon from Michaels; and corner rounder.

Not a color combo I would have put together on my own – and I love to play with colors.  I hope you are off doing something fun for the end of summer vacation!


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  • Sara

    Emily I love this card! I’m sure it took forever to stamp, but it’s beautiful. I think I saw Niki Estes use this color combo when guidelines II was released. Maybe that’s where you saw it.

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