Baby Onesies

So this is probably my favorite gift to give at a shower right now.   I just think they are adorable!  My boys always wore onesies….my mom used to make fun of me about it cause they ALWAYS had them on under stuff.  I just wanted something soft as the closest thing to their skin, ya know?  Anyway, I like them.  And I absolutely love how the idea of stamping some personalized ones for a gift!  Even if you don’t use their name or anything, you can easily make them gender specific.

Matthew asked me to make something for one of his soldiers.  His wife had a baby just 3 weeks before they deployed.  Honestly I cannot imagine shouldering that – on either side!  I can’t imagine missing so much of your baby’s life and I also can’t imagine not having your spouse there to help out.  Especially in the middle of the night!  Please keep that family in your prayers.  I know this sort of thing happens all the time with military families – but it doesn’t make it right.

So these are the onesies I made for them.  Some of the images and sentiments I used are the ones I have used before.  Some are new!  For all of this I used Palette inks stamped on Gerber onesies.


An up close shot of one I made using Melanie Muenchinger’s set Wee Tees.  I love some of the cute little images she had in that set and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into a onesie design….so I stamped the onesie on a onesie and went from there!  I think it’s kinda cute!


And to package them, I rolled them up neatly and then tied a wide satin ribbon around them.  Easy and cute!


And I recently talked to someone I had given a set of these to before and she commented that the ink wore quite well.  I think if I wash them first, they would last even better.  But somehow I never quite buy the onesies with enough time to accomplish that before I need to have the gift ready!  I do heat set the ink with my heat gun after I stamp it.   Just to make sure it’s really set in there!


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