Odd title, I know.  So tomorrow is the first day of school.  Before Kimberly came to visit the US this summer, she asked if I would be interested in any Bento lunch making stuff.  I’d heard of it and thought it sounded interesting so I said sure.  She brought a few egg, rice and hot dog molds over for us to try out.  However, none of those things are the boys’ favorite foods (except rice!) so we didn’t give it a whole lot more thought.

Then I was starting to think about groceries for school lunches, while I don’t mind if they buy lunch at school – they usually don’t like the food there, and I figured why not give it a try!  We don’t have a lot of the cute little containers and such (although if it goes well this week, I will put an order in for some stuff….) so we just used some Rubbermaid containers and muffin cups.  I always grab muffin cups after holidays when they are on clearance.  No idea why, I just love them.  I have tons in both regular and tiny sizes.  I thought they would work pretty well for this.

So I talked to the boys about what a Bento lunch is and we discussed some options that they could put in them.  The older two really prefer healthier foods anyway – Adam just likes candy, lol!  So it’s stuff they  like anyway.  They don’t really eat sandwiches, nobody really likes PB&J, they don’t like chips that much, and so on.  This way they could eat some healthier stuff that they chose.  I think it will be quite a bit of effort at the beginning of the week to buy and cut everything, but they ought to be able to last all week after that.  We’ll see how it goes!

Here is a snapshot of the finished product from today’s efforts….


They wanted bell peppers (so we got red, yellow and orange), carrots, fake lobster meat, mango, cashews, pretzle sticks, pineapple, small pickles, peanut butter, cucumbers, and the one has a leftover piece of garlic cheese bread in it.  After I snapped this pic I put lids on and kinda shook them around a bit to see if they spilled out.  The one in the middle was fine, I added a muffin cup of grapes to the other two.

Pretty fun – definitely way healthier than we usually pack.  Plus it was a fun activity to buy and chop things together.  They samples lots of it while we were working – and since it’s all healthy, no problem there!  Now we’ll see if they actually eat it!  If any of you are interested, I’ll kinda update every so often on our progress with this….if not, I won’t bore you with it!

And a card – this was inspired by a card Debbie Olson did with this set during the PTI release that month.  We made this at class this month.


supplies: On My Couch from PTI; pink pirouette cardstock; dark Chocolate palette ink; Oh Baby Girl Basic Grey paper; Graphic 45 patterned paper for background; sponge; Antique Linen Ranger Distress ink; and dimensionals.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow night for Day 1 of Gina K’s newest release Sneak Peeks!  You can see some little tidbits at Gina’s blog {HERE}!

I hope that all your kidlets have a great start to their school year!