Bento Lunches and chairs….

Odd title, I know.  So tomorrow is the first day of school.  Before Kimberly came to visit the US this summer, she asked if I would be interested in any Bento lunch making stuff.  I’d heard of it and thought it sounded interesting so I said sure.  She brought a few egg, rice and hot dog molds over for us to try out.  However, none of those things are the boys’ favorite foods (except rice!) so we didn’t give it a whole lot more thought.

Then I was starting to think about groceries for school lunches, while I don’t mind if they buy lunch at school – they usually don’t like the food there, and I figured why not give it a try!  We don’t have a lot of the cute little containers and such (although if it goes well this week, I will put an order in for some stuff….) so we just used some Rubbermaid containers and muffin cups.  I always grab muffin cups after holidays when they are on clearance.  No idea why, I just love them.  I have tons in both regular and tiny sizes.  I thought they would work pretty well for this.

So I talked to the boys about what a Bento lunch is and we discussed some options that they could put in them.  The older two really prefer healthier foods anyway – Adam just likes candy, lol!  So it’s stuff they  like anyway.  They don’t really eat sandwiches, nobody really likes PB&J, they don’t like chips that much, and so on.  This way they could eat some healthier stuff that they chose.  I think it will be quite a bit of effort at the beginning of the week to buy and cut everything, but they ought to be able to last all week after that.  We’ll see how it goes!

Here is a snapshot of the finished product from today’s efforts….


They wanted bell peppers (so we got red, yellow and orange), carrots, fake lobster meat, mango, cashews, pretzle sticks, pineapple, small pickles, peanut butter, cucumbers, and the one has a leftover piece of garlic cheese bread in it.  After I snapped this pic I put lids on and kinda shook them around a bit to see if they spilled out.  The one in the middle was fine, I added a muffin cup of grapes to the other two.

Pretty fun – definitely way healthier than we usually pack.  Plus it was a fun activity to buy and chop things together.  They samples lots of it while we were working – and since it’s all healthy, no problem there!  Now we’ll see if they actually eat it!  If any of you are interested, I’ll kinda update every so often on our progress with this….if not, I won’t bore you with it!

And a card – this was inspired by a card Debbie Olson did with this set during the PTI release that month.  We made this at class this month.


supplies: On My Couch from PTI; pink pirouette cardstock; dark Chocolate palette ink; Oh Baby Girl Basic Grey paper; Graphic 45 patterned paper for background; sponge; Antique Linen Ranger Distress ink; and dimensionals.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow night for Day 1 of Gina K’s newest release Sneak Peeks!  You can see some little tidbits at Gina’s blog {HERE}!

I hope that all your kidlets have a great start to their school year!


12 comments to Bento Lunches and chairs….

  • Jean

    You can fix my lunch anytime 🙂 They all look yummy. I had fun talking to the boys about the upcoming first day. How fun!

  • Yours look great Em! I’ll take a pic of ours tomorrow! 🙂 We Bento 3-4 days a week now. It is easy when I pack up the leftover dinner food to pack it up. Of course my girls are pigs and eat about twice as much as your boys, haha!

  • Okay, Emily–You’re educating me, and/or distracting me! ;-P I had to Google Bento, and I ran across one that you’ve GOT to see:
    Hope this link works! I wish my son ate as healthily as your sons. I’m still working on getting him to eat vegetable without gagging. . . TFS!

  • Charlene H.

    What a neat idea. I will have to try this with my boys. However, I don’t think they would choose half the healty things your boys’ have chosen. We go to a nut and egg free school so that makes it difficult sometimes as you have to watch what kind of snacks you put in their lunches. Mostly they come home and haven’t eaten half of what I put in there. At camp this summer, my youngest son said after a couple of days lunches: “Mom, why can’t I have a regular lunch like all the other kids” I asked what the other kids ate and he said “well, oreo cookies and stuff”. I kept putting all the vegetables in his lunch but I did go out and buy a bag of oreo cookies for him. Please keep us posted with how this is working. I like the pictures you did. It does help to see how you prepare stuff. I think I will even show this post to my boys and see if they would like a lunch like the ones you made.

  • Cindy

    Great card, Emily! I love how your boys even know what a mango is!

  • Cute card! I just spent an almost an hour learning about bento! Looks cool, but a bit much on the presentation side! LOL! But then I’m lazy and just fix ’em (DH & DS) sandwiches, fruit (apple or grapes) and a cheese stick. I would enjoy your update. Do your boys eat it? Do they continue to have an interest in it?

  • My daughter and her husband live in Japan (Navy-base). My son-in-law LOVES bento. So do the grandkids, but they’re home-schooled, so the whole packing the lunch thing isn’t the same struggle/opportunity. 🙂

    I like your examples. I don’t know if your family is vegetarian, but in my “wanderings” online I found this really fun blog:

    Good luck with your ongoing lunch efforts and I request would be: keep posting. I work full-time and am always looking for new lunch ideas. Whether the ideas are for adults or kids, no matter. I’m REALLY a kid at heart. 🙂

  • Kim L.

    That’s a great idea! I’m so impressed (and jealous!) of the variety of foods that your boys eat – my 10-yo son has always been a picky eater but is getting better with trying new things.

  • Sandy

    Love this idea! Keep us posted on how long the success runs! You may start a trend at your school. I pack my own lunches for work and will be using this idea!

  • Oh.. Bento lunch.. this reminds me of Hawaii.. My oldest son traded his PF&J for rice balls and was horrified when I didn’t know how to make them.. but I quickly learned> I would love to have a lunch like this again. What a great idea… oh, and yes, love your blog and cards!!

  • StampinMelis

    WOW!!! What a cute idea for lunches!

  • Your chair card is so cute – but I’m really taken with the story of the bento box lunches! How wonderful to get the boys involved in something so smart! I do want to hear how it goes . . . and I think I’ll imitate your plan for myself! It would be healthier for me, too.

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