Several of you seemed interested in how the Bento-esque lunch endeavor plays out, so here is Round Two!  We learned after the first day that you cannot put dry and wet things in the same container – if you have pretzel sticks in there and something else that puts off moisture….you get soggy pretzels.  Lesson learned!  Also the paper cups do a crummy job with wet things.  Bento makers use paper cups that are wax-coated.  Apparently those hold up better.  I didn’t have any, but I did remember that we had a few silicone muffin cups.  So I dug those out and we tried that.

For the most part these worked LOTS better.  Adam still isn’t wild about this type of lunch….but like I said, he doesn’t eat much of whatever I put in his lunch.   Alex and Andy seem to really like it though.  I think we will invest in some supplies – I have found two places that carry a wide selection of the cutesy stuff (yes I know about – but that isn’t really what I wanted….).  A store called has  TON, but make sure you stick to the bento section – I don’t know what else is on there, but it has an over 18 side?!?  And then good ‘ole ebay had quite a bit.  We’ll see what we end up with.

Here were the two lunches I sent the other day…


One of them had something else he wanted to take, so he had a smaller container…we also learned that mango is only really good the first day – it gets mushy fast.  Most of this is the same as before, except the pretzels are in a baggie, we used some sliced ham, and I cut some cheddar cheese into little sticks.  I want to get some of the tiny shape cutters so they can have cute cheese!

And now for a crafty item…..another thank you we made at class.  I loved the patterned paper SU had with these large flowers in outlines….but I figured why buy it when I could just get the stamps and make as much of it as I want on my own.  So that’s what I did…..8 mos ago.  I am just know getting around to actually USING the stamps!  That’s terrible, isn’t it?


supplies: 5th Ave Floral; Kiwi Kiss patterned paper SU; Not Quite Navy, Kiwi Kiss, and Baja Breeze inks; Not Quite Navy cardstock; Pure Luxury White Cardstock Pure White in layering and base weights; SU twill; and white satin from Michaels.

Ok, off to make a photo collage for Alex’s homework.