Bento Rd 2 and thanks….

Several of you seemed interested in how the Bento-esque lunch endeavor plays out, so here is Round Two!  We learned after the first day that you cannot put dry and wet things in the same container – if you have pretzel sticks in there and something else that puts off moisture….you get soggy pretzels.  Lesson learned!  Also the paper cups do a crummy job with wet things.  Bento makers use paper cups that are wax-coated.  Apparently those hold up better.  I didn’t have any, but I did remember that we had a few silicone muffin cups.  So I dug those out and we tried that.

For the most part these worked LOTS better.  Adam still isn’t wild about this type of lunch….but like I said, he doesn’t eat much of whatever I put in his lunch.   Alex and Andy seem to really like it though.  I think we will invest in some supplies – I have found two places that carry a wide selection of the cutesy stuff (yes I know about – but that isn’t really what I wanted….).  A store called has  TON, but make sure you stick to the bento section – I don’t know what else is on there, but it has an over 18 side?!?  And then good ‘ole ebay had quite a bit.  We’ll see what we end up with.

Here were the two lunches I sent the other day…


One of them had something else he wanted to take, so he had a smaller container…we also learned that mango is only really good the first day – it gets mushy fast.  Most of this is the same as before, except the pretzels are in a baggie, we used some sliced ham, and I cut some cheddar cheese into little sticks.  I want to get some of the tiny shape cutters so they can have cute cheese!

And now for a crafty item…..another thank you we made at class.  I loved the patterned paper SU had with these large flowers in outlines….but I figured why buy it when I could just get the stamps and make as much of it as I want on my own.  So that’s what I did…..8 mos ago.  I am just know getting around to actually USING the stamps!  That’s terrible, isn’t it?


supplies: 5th Ave Floral; Kiwi Kiss patterned paper SU; Not Quite Navy, Kiwi Kiss, and Baja Breeze inks; Not Quite Navy cardstock; Pure Luxury White Cardstock Pure White in layering and base weights; SU twill; and white satin from Michaels.

Ok, off to make a photo collage for Alex’s homework.


11 comments to Bento Rd 2 and thanks….

  • Definitely want to hear more on the lunches, I have 2 little ones and one is in Pre-K. Haven’t heard of the Bento lunch before, so I’m curious.

  • Jean

    I love that card….very nice

  • Emily, We too are jumping on the Bento Bandwagon. We headed out to Walmart last week and found “Ziploc” brand containers that were divided into 3…one larger and 2 smaller compartments. Nice thing about it was that the cover goes on tight on all 3 so if you have a liquid in one it won’t leak into the dry stuff 🙂 PLUS it was about $3.50 for 2! They fit nicely into their lunch bags. I do plan on picking up some of the silcone cups like you have to make another compartment in the main side….thinking i can squeeze pretzels in that with a 1/2 a sandwich or something.

    Just wanted to fill you in on the containers we found 😉

  • Cynthia

    I love this card. Good job. Love SU too.

  • Elisa Salat

    love your card, Love how u combined the different flower stamps w/ different colors. and then just a simple THANKS stamped. Very nice!

    on the BENTO. I was just cleaning my laundry room and for some reason my mother probably had put my oldest son’s bento set there. We lived in Japan and he went to preschool there. It is so cute! i like it because the containers are so nice, well built and have special dividers that will keep the foods separately. The set also came with matching chopstcks, fork and spoon in its own case. Then again it is made more for Japanese foods but you can always adapt. I am sure your kids will love their bento bako if you get some. They defnitiely have lots to choose from.

  • I love looking at bento lunches~so fun! If my kids were still little I would so try it!! I have been following this blog for a while…just thought I would pass it along to you:) (bentos/photography/random stuff)

  • I am just getting started trying out some Bento style lunches myself. Not real Bento I guess since it isn’t all rice and Japanese foods, buth the cute Americanized version. I’m glad you posted that the paper muffin cups don’t work, I was about to buy some. I’ll be sure to look for wax coated or the silicone ones.

  • Amy

    These lunches look awesome! Will you be my mom?

  • Beautiful card, Emily! That stamp set tempted me, but I was good and resisted. . . (Might have something to do with having WAYYYY too many unused stamps here. ;-D)

  • Wonderful card! I love the colors and it’s just so appealing!

    Glad to hear that you’re working through the challenges of the Bento lunches! I’ve started carrying my lunch more often, too, after being inspired by you to give it a try! Can’t hurt!

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