I’ve got the next part of the Soft & Shabby line for you today – the solids.   And then I’ll get the alpha up here too.  But first a little Lost In Translation for ya – I love the different photos out there of signs, labels, etc where the meaning is a wee bit garbled in translation.

So we’ve been trying the Bento lunches and I bought a few things on ebay for the boys.  (I’ll share the ebay stores I liked after I get all of it in.) I was going through the things we bought, taking everything out of the packages so I could wash it – and I read a few of the labels.  These were a few of my favorites!


Love that – why would you put it near a fire?!?!  It’s plastic!  I won’t even get into the last line….


I’m pretty sure that means it’s a choking hazard……

Here’s what they were on….cute little picks for foods and adorable little bottles to hold sauces….


I will share all the things we’ve picked up and our new Bento boxes this week!  I’m so excited to make some CUTE lunches!  I’m not into making too much of the cutsie stuff in the lunches yet – but I’m all for cute packaging!  And I”ll also share the ebay shops I used and let you know which ones had excellent service.  Now for the papers!

Soft & Shabby Solids – coordinating colors with the Soft & Shabby Damasks



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