Bento, CC, & a Sneak Peek!

Lots of stuff to go over today!  First up I am going to share a few more things about Bento.  Let’s see….what have I learned so far – if you don’t get a Bento box that has a clasp on the side (think those new rubbermaid-esque containers with the lid locks) then you need to get a strap for it.  My kids have rubberbands today.  Nice.  Classy.  Yes, I ordered straps tonight.

Anyway, here’s how our first day with some of our new goodies looks! And before I share this, a little request –

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON WHAT MY KIDS EAT.  My kids are perfectly healthy little dudes.  I do not need nutrition advice.  This is not their only meal of the day, so please do not despair if all their food requirements are not met in this lunch.  Trust me, it’s hard to meet all food requirements when it has to sit in a box all day and has to be served cold.  And it has to be something they will eat.  Thank You!

That said – here are the lunches!


**UPDATE** Andy (blue box) – ate EVERY SINGLE THING IN HIS!  Alex (green box) – Ate all but three cucumber slices!  Adam (red box) left a few carrots, some of his M&M’s and a few pretzels.  Not bad!***

For those f you who asked what was in them, here’s a list: baby carrots, yellow bell pepper, jello, peeled red plums, coconut covered cashews, grapes, rolled up roast beef with a cute pick in it, cucumbers, Andy (blue) had a left over breakfast burrito from dinner the night before, cheese cut into little sticks, almonds, and a few pieces of a hershey bar for dessert.


And now for the CC and Sneak Peek!  This is a brand new set from Alicia K – Gina’s daughter!  Alicia does the most amazing drawings and this set is no exception!  It is just made for Copic markers……although I think I am going to give my Koh-i-noors a workout next time and see what happens!  And I love that she has purple hair….cause she looks cool and trendy, so why not a little purple in her hair?

You can find out more about the Splitcoaststampers CC {HERE}.  This card is for CC235:


and the inside…….


supplies: Feel the Magic by Alicia K for Gina K Designs; SU patterned paper; EK Success border punch; Pure Luxury White Cardstock Pure White in layering and base weights; Kiwi kiss and elegant eggplant cardstock; Copic Ciao Markers: V09, V15, YR16, R27, 100, E53, E57, YG95, and Sketch YG25; Label Four Nestabilities; ribbons from Stamp TV kit; sateen  flowers colored with copic markers; Mark Richards bling for center of flower; SU label punch; pearl Glimmer Mist; and dimensionals.

See more about this set on Gina’s blog {HERE}!

Joining us tonight with special projects made with AliciaK’s Feel the Magic Stamp set are these Designers:
Gina Krupsky,
Asela Hopkins
Carolyn King
Donna Baker
Emily Giovanni
Erika Martin

Jessica Fick
Melanie Muenchinger
Theresa Momber


29 comments to Bento, CC, & a Sneak Peek!

  • I love bento lunches! Those Japanese people are so creative. 🙂 My kids are only in school for half a day and nobody takes lunch to school (it’s the Croatian way). Otherwise, I would totally do this, too. It’s like card making, except you use food instead of paper and stamps. LOL.

  • You fed them THAT??? What the heck Emily- they will die of malnutrition, like, tomorrow!!! ROFL. I think they look super healthy! What is on the egg in Alex’s? I assume red=alex? Anyway, what is on that egg?

  • I think bento boxes are the cutest! I want one for myself!!! How coincidental you posted this, I was just researching them last night and was going to post about them myself! Would it be weird for a 51 year old woman to bring a bento box to work for lunch??

  • Sally

    Your lunches look great. I have been exploring the bento way for about a year. Wish we had more container selection here. love the silicone baking cups, have to find those.
    I also love your cards, the witch is adorable!

  • The lunches look awesome! I just think bentos are so pretty:)

  • HA!! Loved your disclaimer about the nutrition…I thought those were great lookin’ lunches and totally GARBAGELESS (no bags or packaging) !! I don’t know where I’ve been but I’ve never heard of bento boxes!! Going to have to check those out!! Fab CC today!!

  • Kathy W

    Those bentos look great! As a teacher who watches kids promptly throw lunches away without eating them, I am excited to see lunches that are colorful and ones the kids have imput with and are excited about. The most important thing is that they eat lunch! Thanks for sharing.

  • LOVE your adorable card Emily—so cute–great colors!

    (And diggin those lunches—you are a GREAT mommy–look how lovingly each one is prepared….think i have to spend more time packing lunches!! Can you be my mom???)

  • Cristy Gammon

    Would love to know, more specifically, what you put in the lunches! (Kind of hard to tell from some of the pics.) I feel like I give my kids the same thing over and over. I want my kids to be healthy but one of the three is so picky. Love to hear from you.
    Cristy in Texas

  • Adorable! I love that skull paper. So perfect for teens these days.

  • Aww……..too fun Emily!!!! I’ve never heard of Bento…….I totally love that!!! You cracked me up with your requesting no comments on what was inside!!! LOL Seriously……..that is waaaaaaaay healthier than our lunches many days!!!! LOL You are the BEST mommy!!!!!

  • Love your card! Poo Poo on negative commentor.

  • Those look great Emily! I just packed my girls lunches and laughed as I was packing it thinking I’d get comments galore if others saw our “unhealthy” lunch….apple slices, pepperoni bread, gogurt & pretzels (with a few frosted animal crackers thrown in on top).

  • Kay S.

    Love your fun witch card, Emily!! She is so adorable and I just love that she is a “hip” little witch instead of an ugly old witch. Gotta get that set and make some cool Halloween cards.
    The bentos are great and I’m so impressed with the amount of time you must spend coming up with things to put in their lunches. Their lunches look great — especially when you look at some of the horrible stuff the serve for school hot lunches! I really have to know, however, what kind of kid leaves M&Ms behind?? Seriously, my kid would eat those before everything else! (So would I for that matter even though I am overall a very healthy eater!) Goes to show he eats well, thanks to his clever mom!

  • I am so loving these bento lunches! I am patiently waiting to hear where you got your boxes but I am searching around the bay too…Love this idea!

  • Sherri P eh

    Emily, you and your sister are hilarious and inspiring on so many levels! Bento would be the perfect solution for my 8 year old who eats sandwiches in pieces — don’t even think about putting those layers together! We’ve been lookiing online together to see what options are available close to home. Amazon has links all over. We still haven’t decided yet, but I want to thank you for the idea for Bento itself, as well as some of the food items we should consider including. You rock!

  • I had to laugh at your comment about no food comments! I packed my kids’ first bento-style lunches today. I had planned it out earlier this week so I’d have what I needed, but I found myself looking at it thinking, “Is the teacher going to think I’m starving my child, feeding him too much or think that there is no nutritional value in this?” I decided that it was a healthy lunch and I knew my kids would eat it! So, off they went to school with their fun bento boxes. I ordered some of the egg molds and I’m looking forward to trying them…just as soon as I find out if my kids will even eat hard-boiled eggs!

  • I love these boxes…where do you find them? Can you get them in Canada? What a great way to pack lunches for kids…or adults. Yours look soooo fun. Must have taken you a long time to prepare them…but well worht it if your kids eat their lunches.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Love those bento boxes…takes me back :o) Love the card with the new gkd set!

  • I LOVE your card, Emily!! Such fun colors together! And, your kid’s lunches look great to me!

  • Susan C. in NY

    I love your bento lunches. I too have been bitten by the bento bug but my lunches don’t compare to yours– you had such a great variety and it’s wonderful that they ate almost everything. We don’t have any true bento boxes yet–I bought some Lock and Lock stuff and figured it would be a good place to start (and I can always use it at home if my DD doesn’t continue with the bentos). So far, she’s enjoying it. I also bought her one of those salad bowls with the separate dressing reservoir. I’m thinking of getting some of the silicone cupcake holders to expand our options.

    I would love to know if you made or bought the coconut covered cashews–they look and sound delish.

  • Emily, just picked up some of those silicone cups today. Do you find the dressing stays in them or do they leak out? My girls can’t fit their containers in their lunch boxes “flat” they are always sideways so I’m assuming it won’t work for us but thought I’d ask before I tried and found a mess.

    FYI, ordered from a few days before you mentioned them and their service was great. Got our stuff in a reasonable amount of time considering it was sent from Japan. Some things definitely looked better online than in person but really no complaints 😉

  • Jennifer (jkincolorado)

    Those Bento lunches look great! What a cool lunch 🙂

  • Love how you just told people to basically shut the hell-o up! Good for you! The kids lunches look delicious (and nutritious) to me! I’ve seen these grow in popularity and think I may just have to check what all the “fuss” is all about! Hugs-Jd

  • these are great and varied lunches for the boys! I just started packing my son’s lunch this year and have found that if you make Jello with the Jigglers recipe, they stay without refrigeration until lunchtime. Regular jello might turn to much when not in the fridge. I have been using some Lock and Lock containers and love them because they don’t spill! I’ve even packed soup in them 🙂 Thanks for sharing the info on the Bento boxes 🙂

  • Jenni King

    Hey, I think those are great lunches!! Except for the cukes, all my favs. I pack my lunch almost everyday, so there ya go. 🙂 I usually take leftovers from the previous dinner, but sometimes it’s just whatever is in the fridge. 🙂 I had to giggle over the disclaimer. shsheeeesh. I would use my bento’s, but they are too small for me. I would 3 or 4 just to get through the day. 🙂 Gotta have morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. I’m a grazer, can you tell?
    Thanks for sharing your funny stories.

    PS Great card, too!!! 🙂

  • I researched Bento Boxes a few months ago and then promptly did nothing. My youngest daughter is the pickiest eater on the planet (don’t we all say that about our kids?) and I should really try this with her.

  • Cqrol H

    I’d hate to think people would have the nerve to criticize your kid’s lunches or give you “advice”………….especially when I think your lunches ROCK! What you’ve packed is so much healthier than what the overwhelming majority of kids eat for lunch! I’m impressed with the bell peppers! And that the pretzels and M&M’s were left behind! Heck, your kids eat healthier than most adults, too!

    Love your blog!

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