Yep, it’s a post all about food!  I’ll start with a few more Bento lunches – although before pictures, I am going to share some links.  I ended up purchasing my goods from 3 ebay sellers.  I was really happy with 2 of them (the other had great prices, but slow shipping – all ordered the same day and that one came 5 days later than the other two….and it was the closest to me!).  I won’t share that shop name, I’ll just share the great ones!

I ordered all my boxes (and a bunch of other stuff) from Bento Obento.  She was SUPER fast, had great communication, sent a little gift, and she has a site with webisodes on different Bento ideas.  I highly recommend her shop.

Bento Obento


Another I ordered several smaller items from was Bento Mama.  She also had SUPER fast shipping, so I definitely recommend her as well!

Bento Mama

Now, before you check out from any ebay store – make sure you ask the seller to combine your shipping.  Even if they offer this, it is not always automatically done by ebay.   No need to pay extra shipping if you don’t have to!

Here are two recent lunches I made for Alex – the other two wanted school lunch those days.  Alex REALLY loves this kind of lunch because he prefers fruits and veggies, meat and cheeses over the junk school lunch serves.  Plus you can really get quite a lot in these, and he’s a pretty big eater!  I will list the foods under the photos, but remember my disclaimer about not wanting advice!  I don’t mean that in a mean way, but I’m not asking for unsolicited nutritional advice, okie dokie?


swiss cheese cut into sticks with turkey wrapped around them (love the cute little picks to hold them together!), yellow bell pepper, grapes, gogurt, coconut cashews (from Costco!), hershey bar, and more swiss cheese

Now this is a slightly different style box – I love the clasping sides as it holds both the layers together.  (It was from Bento Obento.) And the little penguin doesn’t fit inside the box, but it holds sauces.   This time it was ranch for his carrots.  How totally adorable is that?!?!  Now I did get some animal sauce holders that are flatter that will fit in, like these – but I did not get them from this seller so I cannot vouch for them{HERE} and I got these adorable monkeys {HERE} as well – but they are really small!

Ok, The penguin has ranch in there – the yellow “beak” comes out and is a little spoon/scooper.  Too Cute!


ranch, turkey/swiss sticks, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrot sticks, gogurt, fun size milky way, the egg is covering cashews, and more cheese

And here is how that container looked all stacked and clasped together.  I love that you can pick this up by the lid and it all holds together.


And now for another foodie thing – not Bento related!  The boys and I watched The Next Food Network Star this summer and we really enjoyed it.  I absolutely love Melissa – who won.  She has the best ‘real cooking’ tips and advice.  I mean stuff that you would actually need to know or tips that you can use in every day cooking.  And her recipes rock!  The boys and I will sit down and watch it together every week….then we make the stuff!  So far we have tried 3 of her recipes and they have all been winners!  Here’s a shot of what we made Saturday night….


It was really good!  The boys LOVED the chicken, we saved the unused marinade and they used it as a dipping sauce for their chicken.  And they were so happy to eat the one leftover chicken breast for lunch today.  They all had seconds and they all loved it.  Best part – both the potatoes and the chicken went in the oven for the last 10 minutes….I was able to clean up the kitchen and wash all the dishes used in the rest of the prep during that time – perfect!  That’s an A+ meal to me!

So here’s a link to her info on the Food Network:

Melissa D’Arabian

And here are the recipes we have tried so far:

Chicken a l’Orange – we used boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Still great!

Crispy Potatoes – I might take the butter out or lessen the oil next time, but these were a HUGE hit.  Already bought more potatoes to make them again!

Potato-Bacon Torte – Andy refers to this as the dinner that tastes like a dessert.  With the bacon and the heavy cream, I’m sure it’s not low-cal – but it was delicious!  We have made it twice!

I hope that made you nice and hungry!  We’ll be enjoying round 2 on those crispy potatoes for dinner tonight!