Love and CC237

So I decided that I just can’t squeeze in scrapping.  I tried.  I kept buying kits.  Then I just never got time to actually do it.  This month I decided to make an easy goal of 2 pages a month.  And I can use quickpages.  What do I care if someone else made the actual page?  It’s still my photo, my journaling, my title, etc.  The beauty of digital scrapping is that you can use a page built by someone else!  Here is my first one – this photo was taken the day we dropped Matthew off this summer.


Quickpage – Natali Design – All You Need Is Love
Word Art – Natali Design – Playing with Word Art Vol 2

I highly recommend this method – it’s not like anyone looking at my albums with know if I made the page or not.  Isn’t the point to get the photos scrapped and the memories saved?  So I hereby release myself from any guilt over using quickpages! I hope this will eventually get me inspired to do my own again, but if not – I am ok with that!  If you are looking for great quickpages, I’ll try to share the links when I use them.  I like to look for designers that I like their style and then see if they also have quickpages available.   One of my current faves is Natali Design @ Scrapbookgraphics.  You can find her designs {HERE}.  She has lovely word art too!

And if you are interested in the SCS Color Challenge #237 – you can find that info {HERE}!


6 comments to Love and CC237

  • Wow, that’s amazing. It looks so 3D. I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s digital. Great job, Emily. And I’m with you…I use digital quickpages, too. It’s better that I scrap the pics than waiting until I have the time to make it all by hand.

  • that is a great idea~I think I am going to have to try it (: I get so overwhelmed with all my kits and photos, that I don’t scrap any.

  • Beautiful page Emily…and I am with you I have tried and tried and tried to fit scrapping in. I just can’t get to it. 🙁 But I feel so guilty that I have all these wonderful pictures and memories and I am not doing anything with them. I had told myself after Labor Day I was going to set a schedule for myself…scrap one day, stamp the other…something along those lines. Um…still has not happened. Maybe I should start small like you are doing and just make a goal of a few pages a month?
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Julie C.

    Love your page, girlfriend! Great job and thanks for sharing info you find with us.

  • barb hendrickson

    I love this page, Emily. Who in the world cares if you designed the scrap page or not. In the years to come, your boys (and their wives) will only think about how you took the time to save the memories for them. All the rest of the process if fleeting, the memories last.

    Beautiful job.


  • Cindy

    This is a super page, Emily. Quick pages schwick pages! Who cares! I agree. Just scrapbook those memories!

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